Although the Nike Huarache Love/Hate fill released critical weekend, Nike isn’t quite through pumping out the red/black Huaraches simply yet.

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The Nike Sportswear waiting Huarache collection will release Saturday, September 20th. Every pair will certainly retail because that $110. Mesh and also Nubuck cover the top of each shoe, v the bag sporting flipped look at of each other.

From Nike:

Experimental, iconic, re-imagined, and reinvented: the air Huarache run returns to the spotlight with two new, juxtaposed colorways.

Featuring predominantly black and red tones, both low-cut file employ distinctive cues from the architecture language the sandals worn by early on South American inhabitants. Update for performance in the ‘90s, and also now again, for contemporary comfort as soon as trekking through the streets, the waiting Huarache Run continues to evolve together the time change.

With a to the right that’s as snug as a waterski boot, a neoprene within sleeve holds true come Tinker Hatfield’s initial Huarache architecture that took turn off in 1992. Now, the style is tied together with a difference color-blocked hoe cage, replicating the exoskeleton structure that do the initial Air Huarache operation a staple on and off the track.

An icon makes its triumphant return. The waiting Huarache Run collection arrives September 20 ~ above (8am EDT/5am PDT).

Check out shots of each shoe below, and also let united state know below if you’ll it is in copping one, or both, of these pairs.


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