For as lengthy as I deserve to remember, HTC tried too tough on making your proprietary software suite, HTC Sense, better than the share experience. The idea to be to make it a family members brand that world would select over the share Android version.

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The key reason why the didn’t really leaving a note was the fact that the was way too heavy on resources. Ago in the day once the resources were severely limited, HTC feeling was largely designed to look pretty, while various other manufacturers have actually chosen fluidity end beauty. Also if the experience was clunkier, HTC sense won the round mainly due to the fact that the stock Android was means uglier. Yet over the years, the stock Android has gained a lot better, v a beautiful user interface that is both fast and fluid.

However, HTC still proceeds to push on through HTC sense as a marketing point, despite being slower and also a lot much less stable 보다 the share experience. Also if it has gained a lot much better than ahead versions, HTC sense still sort of misses the mark.

Leaving fluidity the end of the equation, the main problem with HTC sense is the “Unfortunately, sense Home has actually stopped” error. Periodically this error is complied with by other errors like “Unfortunately, Google beat services has actually stopped” or “Unfortunately, Gmail has stopped“. Yet don’t worry, your phone doesn’t have actually multiple errors, it’s every HTC Sense’s fault!

This issue has been approximately for years, but it’s not choose HTC didn’t shot to solve it. The difficulty is HTC feeling operates a small differently than the default Android. This can develop a the majority of conflicts in between the proprietary software and third party apps or widgets.

While the occasional pop-up v the error won’t bother you too much, some users have reported being stuck in an error loop that prevents them from accessing the residence screen.

Before we acquire to the addressing part, let’s walk over the many common causes for this error:

Phone died of low battery if performing an updateApp conflictWidget conflictOutdated software application versionGlitched HTC Sense

Below you have actually a arsenal of methods that will certainly surely deal with your problem. I have actually ordered lock by severity, so make sure you follow each of castle in order till you have actually a deal with that functions for you.

Note: If you’re stuck in a loop without access to the house screen, continue straight to method 2 and also work your means down.

Method 1: Clearing Sense residence cache and also uninstall updates

Before act something significant like performing a manufacturing facility reset, there’s a few thing us can try without losing an essential data. If the worries originate from a glitch, deleting the cache of Sense Home will execute the job most of the time. Here’s how:

Go come Settings > Apps.Scroll down till you discover Sense Home and tap ~ above it.Tap top top Storage and hit Clear Data. Confirm and also wait for the process to complete.If you see an option called Clear Cache, tap on the also. Enlarge HTC sense versions won’t have actually it.
Go to settings > Apps > regulate Apps and tap on HTC sense Input. Tap ~ above Uninstall Updates.Restart her phone and also see if the error re-appears.

Method 2: Performing a Soft Reset

In some cases, the error appears as a an outcome of a glitch and can be eliminated by performing a soft reset. Here’s how:

While ~ above your residence screen, press and also hold the Power switch + Volume Up switch for around 10 seconds.When you watch the display going black, release both buttons and wait for the machine to turn earlier on.

Method 3: clean everything the cache partition

If the soft reset didn’t help, let’s get rid of the opportunity of a glitch by clean everything the cache partition. The cache partition shop temporary device data that facilitate quick accessibility to apps and services. End time, it can come to be cluttered and might create this certain error. Aside from having actually the potential to deal with your issue, it will surely do your device run much more smoothly because that a while.

Note: Although we space going to use recovery mode, friend won’t lose any type of of your personal data. The adhering to guide has actually only been confirmed to work on HTC devices running ~ above Marshmallow and also above.

Power OFF her phone.Hold under Volume down + strength button until you see the HBOOT menu.Note: If nothing happens, power off again and shot holding Volume increase + strength button.Use the volume down key to navigate downwards and highlight Recovery. Press the power button to accessibility it.
It bring away a while however eventually the display screen will walk black v a red triangle symbol in the middle. Once that happens, press and hold the power button and also briefly push volume up (don’t save it pressed).Note: If power + volume increase doesn’t get you come the restore menu, try power + volume down.
Release the strength button and wait because that the Recovery menu come appear.Using the volume keys, scroll under to Wipe Cache partition to to mark it.Press the power button to select it.Wait for the process to complete. Your phone will immediately restart in normal mode.

Method 4: Booting increase in safe Mode

If clean everything the cache partition didn’t get rid of the error, there’s a high possibility you can be handling an app or widget conflict. Think the Safe Mode together a diagnostic state – your maker won’t permit any 3rd party app to run, permitting you to figure out if an app is resulting in the problem.

Power OFF her device.Press and also hold the strength button. Save it pressed till the HTC logo appears (release the power button).Immediately press and also hold volume under button.Keep holding the volume down switch until you view the Safe mode icon appearing in the reduced left edge of the screen.Wait for about a minute till you call finishes booting increase in Safe mode.
Now the you’re in safe mode, browse it because that a while and see if the error appears again. If there’s no authorize of it, it’s clear that an app is causing the conflict.Go to Settings > Apps and also uninstall the apps or widgets that made their method on to your system about the time the error very first started to appear.
Once you’re done, reboot your phone normally and also see if the error is gone.

Method 5: Performing a factory reset

If the problem persists even after removing the apps when in for sure mode, we have one last option. If a factory reset will get rid of the trouble most of the time, that comes with a cost – that will remove all her apps, accounts, pictures, videos and any other an individual data that isn’t on her SD card. If you have actually access to your house screen, think about making a back-up before attempting to this.

Note: If friend can’t do a backup, in ~ least think about going back into safe setting moving your contacts and also SMS come the SD card. Go to Contacts > Settings and also tap ~ above Back approximately SD Card then walk to message > Settings and tap on Back up to SD card.

If you do have access to your house screen, the procedure is much much more simple:

Go to Settings, scroll down and also tap on Backup & reset.Tap top top Factory reset and also then ~ above Reset phone.Tap on Erase everything and also confirm by tapping top top OK.

If you’re grounding in one error loop without accessibility to your residence screen, things room a little more complicated:

Power OFF your phone.Press and also hold Volume Down, climate press and also hold the Power button.Release both keys when you get in the HBoot screen.

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Use the volume down vital to do your means down and highlight Factory Reset.Press the power button once to select and then press it again to confirm.Wait till the process is complete, her phone will immediately restart and return come its manufacturing facility state.