When it involves shrinking heat shrink tubing, nothing to win a heat gun. However if you carry out not have one, what have to you do?

Rest assured, you have the right to still use heat shrink without a heat gun. The responds to plenty of sources that heat, so there room plenty of alternative tools the you can use instead.

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In this article I have detailed some the the many popular alternate methods for shrinking warm shrink. I have actually no doubt the you currently have few of these tools lying around!

What temperature does warm shrink tube need?

Whenever you choose a device for heating shrink tubing, it is necessary to store the tube’s shrinking temperature in mind. For the most popular tubing materials, Polyolefin and also PVC, this lie about 90°C (194°F) and 100°C (212°F), respectively.

If you nothing sufficiently warm the tubing, it does not shrink to its full potential. This leads to a loose fit the does not safeguard well.

Aside from the shrinking temperature, each form of warm shrink likewise has a preferably temperature. This is not as important when picking a heat source, together it is always possible to reduce warmth by moving the heat source further away.

Alternatives come a warm gun

Hair dryer

A hair dryer (or punch dryer) can sometimes be used rather of a heat gun. Blow dryers space just small heat guns, after ~ all.

Whether you have the right to use a hair dryer for warm shrink counts on the certain model of hair dryer and also the kind of warmth shrink being used. Hair dryers tend to have actually a low top temperature border for safety reasons, and also not all of them gain hot sufficient to activate shrink tubing.

Depending ~ above the output temperature that the punch dryer, you could get full, partial or no shrinkage. Polyolefin heat shrink is most likely to work-related best, together it has actually the shortest activation temperature of typical heat shrink materials.

To use a hair dryer on warm shrink, simply set it come its greatest heat setup and organize its nozzle close come the tubing until it shrinks. Girlfriend will need to rotate the wire or punch dryer come evenly spread the heat.

Be patient as you wait because that the tube to get up to temperature and shrink. Because of the short temperature, it have the right to take a while through a hair dryer.


An different option because that activating warmth shrink is a basic lighter. It has actually a sufficiently high temperature because that every form of warm shrink and works quicker than a hair dryer. But it walk come v some limitations.

One thing to be cautious with is that its open up flame can leave black color soot top top your warmth shrink. This is not an issue if you usage black tubing, yet for fancy tubing this deserve to be something come watch the end for.

You can mitigate this difficulty by hold the blue basic of the flame next to the warm shrink, instead of the tip.



Hair dryers, soldering irons, lighters and butane torches room all valid alternatives for activating warmth shrink tubing. Castle rarely offer perfect results and also are tedious to use, however they are much better than nothing.

Pay close fist to overheating, as this can cause heat shrink to degrade and also become brittle. Choose the appropriate size of heat shrink is important too. If you select a diameter that is too large for your wires, the will never shrink to the ideal size.

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A warm gun constantly gives the ideal results with heat shrink. You deserve to pick one up for around $10-15 and save yourself rather a little bit of time and annoyance.