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Moodboards are fairly famous on Tumblr. Many type of people use the platform to develop moodboards on various topics and interests. If you’ve additionally been wondering just how to develop a Tumblr mood board, then this guide is for you.

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Unlike other blogging platdevelops and also social networks, Tumblr gives you even more flexibility to use custom designs and produce distinctive blogs and websites. This provides it the perfect platcreate for creating all kinds of moodboards.

In this overview, we’ll check out what moodboards are and also exactly how you deserve to quickly develop moodboards on Tumblr without using Photoshop or any photo modifying knowledge. Keep reading to uncover out how.

What Is a Moodboard?

A moodboard is a repertoire of imeras or a collage that represents a particular interemainder or a category. However, a moodboard deserve to be much more than that.

A moodboard have the right to be a composition of imeras regarded minimalist design a internet designer would use to acquire catalyst for her next job. It deserve to likewise be a set of quotes that would certainly motivate you to work-related harder. It deserve to be a collection of inspirational images that a writer would usage for writing prompts. And so a lot more.

Ssuggest put, a moodboard deserve to be around anypoint that would inspire you and others.


Tumblr has truly taken moodboards to the next level. If you browse the #moodboard hashtag you’ll see the many type of various ways people develop moodboards on the platform.

Why Make Moodboards?

Moodboards have the right to be a fun and also artistic means to express your interests, eactivities, and also feelings. Especially on Tumblr, civilization have been using moodboards to inspire others on vital motions favor sex ehigh quality.

It doesn’t issue if you’re a designer, writer, illustrator, gamer, or an anime fan. Moodboards are for everyone. A moodboard have the right to also assist rate up your workcirculation by permitting you to instantly discover incentive for your next project without having to browse the internet for hours.

How To Make A Tumblr Moodboard

Why usage Tumblr to produce a moodboard? Well, generally you need Photoshop and photo modifying abilities to produce a stylish moodboard composition. But, via Tumblr, you can quickly produce moodboards utilizing its Photoset post form that allows you uppack multiple imeras right into a single short article.

Best Tumblr Themes For Moodboards

Before you obtain began on producing a moodboard, it’s important that you select an appropriate layout for your Tumblr moodboard. A moodboard is all about the images and also you need to pick a minimal and also a clean design template that gives more attention to your moodboard articles. And, of course, it should likewise support Photoset articles.

Here are a couple of Tumblr themes that you have to consider using to setup a skilled moodboard.

Calm – Minimal Single-Pillar Tumblr Theme


Calm is a Tumblr layout that functions a minimalist style via a solitary column style. It permits you to highlight your moodboard write-ups by acquiring rid of clutter and also distractions.

Price: $19

Interlace – Modern Two-Pillar Tumblr Theme


Interlace functions a two-column style but it provides plenty of room for your posts. This theme will certainly let you showinstance your moodboards while additionally consisting of web links to tags and also pages in the sidebar location.

Price: $9

Cherry – Photo Blog Tumblr Theme


Cherry is a single-column Tumblr design template that features a fulldisplay design, which enables you to develop write-ups with large imperiods. It’s ssuggest perfect for making moodboards.

Price: $19

Emovement – Clean Fullscreen Tumblr Theme


Eactivity Tumblr design template functions a two-column article layout in a fullscreen design. This theme will certainly permit you to showinstance multiple moodboards on the very same web page.

Price: $49

Avenue – Two-Shaft Tumblr Theme


Avenue is a creative Tumblr layout that functions a split-display screen style via a resolved sidebar area. It’s great for reflecting your moodboards while also consisting of a description around yourself or your blog on the various other side.

Price: $49

Tip 1: Collect Your Moodboard Pictures

Once you have actually a Tumblr blog setup with a great-looking theme, you have the right to begin uploading your moodboard posts. First, acquire started by choosing the right images for your moodboard.

A moodboard can’t include random pictures. It needs to emphasis on a certain template or an interest. You should pick the ideal images based on this theme. Consider the use of colors, backgrounds, and also trends in the images to make your moodboard photos look more linked.

Step 2: Create A Photoset Post

After collecting the images, you can develop a brand-new moodboard by uploading the photos to your Tumblr blog utilizing a Photocollection write-up.


To produce a Photocollection write-up, sindicate click the create Photo post switch. Then upfill all the photos that you’ve gathered for your moodboard.


Once all the imperiods are uploaded, you can click and also drag the imeras about to rearselection them but you favor. You deserve to likewise include captions to each image in the short article also.

Step 3: Hit Publish

Make certain to include a couple of tags and a creative subtitle for your moodboard.


When you’re done, hit Publish and you’ll have actually your initially Tumblr moodboard up online.



On Tumblr, you can do a lot even more than simply develop Moodboards. You can develop journals, magazines, roleplay blogs, portfolio websites, and a lot more.

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Of course, every one of those sites deserve to have actually a great-looking theme. Get started on your brand-new Tumblr webwebsite by picking a distinct premium Tumblr theme.