UPDATE (oct 2020): A exceptional option now exists: https://efhiii.github.io/midi-ch/

Further tutorials will come.

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This device generates an automatically chart from your FL Studio .midi files. Using this to chart FL Studio songs increases the process when starting to placed the graph together.

Quickly generate a basic chart the you have the right to tweakBasic charting algorithm – e.g. Reduced pitched note charted green, higher pitched orangeThe note timing will enhance your midi, will be perfectIt charts starpower & Sections


Export the midi paper using FL Studio

Go to piano roll and also press record > violin midi

Convert the midi into text

Copy & dough the generated text into the chart.text file

Copy from “MFile” to “TrkEnd”

Open the Autochart Tool

Press 1

Enter “chart” as the name

Select the monitor (always “1”)

This will generate a graph file

Paste the .chart file into the folder through your Song

Open in Moonscraper come tweak! watch the settings.ini to configure an ext (minimum note length, graph star power, ar distance);

See the video below because that reference.

Download the Autocharter here


Q: My graph is blank!

A: Make sure there is at the very least one space/line ~ the pasted message in the chart.txt document or it will certainly not convert

Q: is there a way to export every patterns into one chart?

A: in FL, make an extra layer and also copy/paste every one of the patterns into one. Then, fiddle the midi for that layer

Q: is this only great for FL Studio songs?

A: No. Shot any song. There space midi papers out over there for many songs too… just google any type of song adhered to by .midi

Clone Hero Autocharter accuse video

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Zane FergusonOctober 12, 2020 in ~ 4:49 pmLog in to Reply

Would over there be any kind of reason to why ns cant acquire the autocharter to even open come use? choose is this old stuff? was trying to watch what every i could do with charting

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