Hello fellaz, i’m brand-new and ns wanna understand how deserve to i acquire to Hearth that Maguuma? room there pursuits to be done to gain access? and also if for this reason which ones. Is there a portal to gain there? i’ve been trying to find concrete details on google yet nothing.

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normally you start at Brisban Wildlands, the is the region north the Metrica district (Asura starting zone) and northwest Caledon woodland (Sylvari beginning zone). Then you head north-west towards ft Vandal. A large open area filled with bandits, mines a giant fort. Walk to the ft to get in the Silverwastes.

You spawn at Camp Resolve and after a small cutscene, you head come the southern exit. Go west, hugg the wall to the south until you reach Amber Sandfall camp. Beside this, west that the camp, have to be a tiny hole in the wall. Get in and make your means up come the gate. Now you are in Verdant Brink, the very first map of love of Maguuma.

LinkThe first listed entry is the wiki web page of heart of Maguuma. The very first paragraph is “Getting there.” It describes the means detailed from Silverwastes. If you execute not know where that is, you click Silverwastes and read the paragraph for “Getting there.”

The 2nd or third entry top top google is a video on youtube, reflecting you directly where to walk.

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I’m not sure you can go into Verdant Brink via the Silverwastes sw portal as explained until you’ve done the relatively short warm LS intro chapter, which will certainly hand-lead you through plus open up masteries because that you, which you will have to do the hot map content.

However, one choice you would have for omitted the story would certainly be to join a guild that has the lost Precipice guild hall. Go to the guild hall, and also run south and also up the stairs come the portal the end to Verdant Brink. You’ll be in a small area that you can’t really leave without knowing just how to glide, but if you role the map eastern you’ll view that you’ve unlocked the entry WP for VB.

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For the story, what you carry out is open your Hero Panel, click the star tab for an individual Story, role to HoT, and tell it come activate the chapter. You’ll have to acquire into the Silverwastes and also head to the south entrance the the Red fort to get in the story. From there you’ll be led v to VB, including doing the intro story in VB and getting your an initial mastery point, ready to spend on gliding when you advancement your XP sufficient in VB.