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I tho haven"t obtained to the marriage goal yet and really desire a infant I already bought a crib is over there a particular level you have to be on? I"m top top level 16 so I just don"t know what to do! please help;-D

I just did complain and it to be going up and then ns dis one more complain and it went earlier down to an excellent friend
I’m at level 9 and I currently have a baby, so ns don’t understand u guys need a quest for a baby or be married it will just pop up so that’s all ns know

You don"t have to wait for the goal. I"m in ~ level 8 and also my Sims room married and have a child. Girlfriend just have to make make them it is in romantic and also woohoo till you acquire to propose. I imply you to buy the many expensive ring because they can and also will refuse you. Climate you make them do an ext woohoo and be romantic until you acquire to get married. You don"t need a wedding cake or anything unless you desire it to be really special. Then simply buy a crib for 9lp or 10,000 Simoleons then you require 7lp to have actually the baby, and you deserve to pick the baby"s gender and all that, and ALAKAZAM!You have a loving family..

I think girlfriend should finish the love in the air quest and also then start being romantic. Also I do the efforts the being rude and complain and I believed it would certainly work however it reduced the level, due to the fact that you want to move on come dating, friend will have actually to choose be romantic

Omg, you males r like offering this person devastating answers! yes what you do is eventually you will get a goal that states be romantic come a center (this simply matters how many Goals you have actually completed, so any level) then it will certainly tell you to buy a three star rated bed, therefore don"t get married or spend that countless LP ~ above the ring simply b patient because that these instructions. Ultimately there will b a score that claims b romantic till you r partners and do not relocate in through them till you"re married. Then a goal will certainly pop approximately marry a sim, and also THEY WILL provide YOU THE LP!!!!!Then it will say for a score to have a baby. Purchase a crib and also I suggest to start building the Children"s store and then purchase a crib and click top top it climate if girlfriend r a low level, that won"t price as much, but if you"re prefer 20 climate it"ll co st choose 15LP yet if you"re level 8 it"ll prob b 4lp and then if friend wanna wait 3 job it"s you"re choice but I offered all mine lp and then begin making a bday cake, however DO NOT offer IT!!!! have Fun!!! ;)