Benji Krol

Benji Krol to be born ~ above December 14, 2000, and from Montreal, Canada. That is popularly recognized as the most followed personalities on Tik Tok with about 3.2 Million to add followers. Furthermore, he is one Instagram Influencer, society Media Personality, Tik Tok Star, society Media Personality and YouTube contents Creator.

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Benji Krol Family

He is the son of Andre Krol (Father) is a Businessman and (mother) Alejandra Krol is a Homemaker. Later, Benji has actually two siblings, Rowy and also Thomas Krol. He completed his education and learning from High school in Canada and also he has actually not pointed out anything around his enrollment in the College.


Benji Krol Career

Being a Tik Tok star he has acquired a enormous fan complying with on the communication of end 3.2 million plus fans on Tik Tok. Wherein its a Mobile applications for sharing and also producing the brief videos and he has become the most adhered to person ~ above the platform.

Additionally, Benji is very active on other social media platform and has 748k plus followers on Instagram. Later, he is likewise a Youtuber and also uploaded around 20 Videos ~ above his channel. In Youtube he has 192k to add subscriber.

Benji uploads videos connected to video clip Games, Vlogs, game Challenges, Routines, and Q & A videos. In fact, his many viewed video clip is “A (Very Rushed) High institution Morning Routine” and it has recieved approximately 337k add to views.

He began his Youtube channel on march 1, 2014, however he began to upload videos on march 2018. Additionally, he likes to take trip and an extremely passionate Photographer. Moreover, he display screens his photography skills on his Instagram handle.


On march 27, 2018, his very first video top top Youtube to be “What’s on mine Phone” and it was a got a lot of attention from others and also even it was trending top top Canada. Coming back to the Tik Tok he has actually collaborated through others choose Lizy Elizabeth, Sophie Sorrells, and also Jadaa Blue.

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Benji Krol Age

How old is Benji Krol? to be born top top December 14, 2000, and also from Montreal, Canada and also he is 18 year old as of 2019. Furthermore, countless young girls have actually a substantial crush top top him because that his looks and also Attitude.

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Benji Krol Girlfriend

Benji is in relationship with his girlfriend called Jadyn Cothern and also this couple uploads the picture of with each other on their respective Instagram handle. However, over there is not lot information around his previous connection status.

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