The quantity of PCIe lanes on AMD Ryzen CPUs variety from 24 top top an consumer grade Ryzen 3, 5, 7 and 9 CPUs all the means to 128 ~ above workstation class Ryzen Threadripper CPUs.

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Current popular desktop Ryzen series i.e 3000 and also 5000 series CPUs have 24 lanes. Ryzen 4000 CPUs because that mobile gadgets have 16 lanes in total.

It must be provided that compared to an Intel Core collection CPUs, AMD Ryzen processors have actually a higher PCIe lane count. However, unlike the Intel CPUs, the PCIe lanes top top AMD CPUs carry out not all connect to the PCIe slots. Right here we will look in detail at how countless PCIe lanes walk Ryzen have and also talk around how that compares through Intel Core collection processors.

AMD Ryzen PCIe roadway Count compared to Intel CPUs

As mentioned earlier, compared to an Intel Core series CPU, a consumer based AMD Ryzen CPU offers an ext PCIe lanes.

However, v Intel, every one of the CPU lanes connect to PCIe slots which you deserve to then use to install growth cards. Top top Ryzen CPUs, however, some of the lanes are devoted to other contents such as M.2 slot, USB or SATA controllers.

So for instance, if her AMD Ryzen processor has 24 lanes, girlfriend will usually have 16 lanes the you could use for your development card. Four would be linked to the chipset, and rest the the 4 lanes can be linked to one M.2 slot.

Intel CPUs, on the other hand, have actually fewer lanes. Intel 10th generation and below Core series processors market 16 lanes. 11th generation and above Core series processors sell 20 lanes.

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Motherboard Chipset Plays crucial Role

It have to be noted that the motherboard chipset also plays critical role in identify the as whole PCIe lanes for your system.


Image: AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU are built for workstations

AMD Threadripper processors room a totally different round game. These are workstation great CPUs. They space expensive, require a specialized motherboard, and have too much specs like 64 cores and 128 threads

They room not for an average user, yet in any kind of case, the table listed below summarizes the PCIe lanes counting in this processors.

CPUTypePCIeLanes #PCIeVersion
Ryzen Threadripper 1950XDesktop643.0
Ryzen Threadripper 2990WXDesktop643.0
Ryzen Threadripper 3990XDesktop644.0
Ryzen Threadripper pro 3995WXDesktop(APU)1284.0

Here you can see that the PCIe lane count for AMD Threadripper workstation great CPUs is 64 because that non-pro model and 128 for pro models. Also, depending upon the series/generation, the PCIe variation differs.

Again, these are devoted processors and also do not even share the same AM4 socket together we discover in consumer based Ryzen CPUs.

How plenty of PCIe Lanes on Ryzen first and second Generation?

Just together you would expect, the average desktop computer CPUs for 1000 and also 2000 collection Ryze CPUs have actually 24 lanes and also mobile/laptop class CPUs have actually 16 PCIe lanes.

Final Words

So how numerous PCIe lanes does Ryzen have? Well, TL;DR. An mean Ryzen 3, 5, 7, 9 CPU for desktop computer from all generations has actually 24 PCIe lanes. An median mobile/laptop based Ryzen processor has 16 PCIe lanes.

As stated earlier, not all PCIe lanes room user accessible. Part are dedicated for chipset link, other are devoted for materials like M.2 slot.

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It is crucial to take note of the PCIe generation together with the amount because every consecutive PCIe generation doubles the speed of the previous generation.