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July 14, 2020 Preventive & Predictive Maintenance — How Frito-Lay Built a World-Class Manufacturing Facility July 14, 2020/ Michelle Segremainder

High-performance devices call for very experienced professionals that usage a race-vehicle team strategy to preventative and also predictive maintenance and reliability at Frito-Lay’s world-course North American manufacturing facility. Recently, the snack food huge announced it will certainly add 120 jobs in a $200 million plant growth.

By Michelle Segrest,Navigate Content, Inc. — Reporting for Maintenance Technology


The one million-sq.-ft.Frito-Lay manufacturingfacility in Perry, Georgia, operates like a well-oiled, high-rate race car track.

The operations groups drive the equipments, yet it’s the 100 maintenance experts on 5 specialized groups that occupational in the garage and in the pits to construct, repair, and also optimize the equipment—taking it from the shop to the track. They ensure the production continues to be in continuous motion as it circles the sleek Frito-Lay course, around-and-roughly, nonsheight, 24/7.

Perry’s director of maintenance and also engineering, Craig Hoffguy, is the crew chief. The as a whole maintenance ideology requires proactive maintenance and methodologies, he sassist. However before, just favor a race-team pit crew, they must have actually the capacity to respond to unsupposed concerns.

“NASCAR groups spend a lot of time in their shops building their cars, analyzing, making adjustments, and also resolving problems. We use similar approaches,” Hoffmale shelp. “Our structure is planning and also scheduling, which is supported by precautionary and predictive maintenance and root-reason analysis. We perform whatever we can to make sure our equipment is all set to perdevelop.”

In a facility that produces thousands of pounds of potato chips, tortilla chips, and also many kind of other Frito-Lay assets per hour, the equipment have to remain in optimal condition to supply high-performance manufacturing, he said.

“Our job is to turn the equipment over, in the best possible form, to the operations group. But eextremely race day tright here is a situation wright here you have to respond. When somepoint happens, we go into the pit-crew mentality—it’s all hands on deck. What is constantly on our minds is exactly how to store our tools in safe, trustworthy, food-safe condition so that the chauffeurs can proceed to move the lines about the track. We perform a good project up front via our proactive technologies. I would certainly love to say we are perfect. When, but, you have actually as much devices as we perform, something is going to take place. And we need to be able to respond.”

The different teams play different duties, yet all share a prevalent goal: to create millions of pounds of snack foods items annually.

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The Perry facility residences 15 production lines that develop all flavor arrays of Frito-Lay snacks, consisting of Doritos, Cheetos, Tostitos, Ruffles, Lay’s, Fritos, SunChips, Stacy’s, Smartfood, Rold Gold, and also Funyuns. Built in 1988 with simply two lines, the biggest of Frito-Lay’s 36 North American production infrastructure has actually developed a number of expansions in virtually three years.