a visual depiction of a person, object, or scene, together a painting, drawing, photograph, etc.: I carry a snapshot of my grandchildren in my wallet.

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a person, thing, group, or scene concerned as resembling a work-related of pictorial art in beauty, fineness the appearance, etc.: She was a snapshot in her new blue dress.
the picture on a computer monitor, the viewing display of a television set, or a motion-picture screen.
to depict in words; explain graphically: the pictured Rome therefore vividly the you half-believed you to be there.
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First taped in 1375–1425; late center English, native Latin pictūra “the plot of painting, a painting,” equivalent to pict(us) (past jet of pingere “to paint” ) + -ūra noun suffix; check out paint, -ure
mis·pic·ture, verb (used v object), mis·pic·tured, mis·pic·tur·ing.self-pic·tured, adjectiveun·pic·tured, adjective
pictography, Pictor, pictorial, pictorialism, pictorialize, picture, photo book, picture card, snapshot disc, picturegoer, picture hat

A picture, as they say, is precious a thousands words. However what around the word picture? We’re not going to create a thousand words on picture—although we could. Think us when we say us could. So, this is a briefer native picture (see what us did there?) ~ above the beginning of this functional word.

In that is most basic sense, a picture is a visual depiction of something, especially in the type of a painting, drawing, photograph, or the like. A picture can additionally refer to a mental image, amongst other senses. One meaning of picture, as a verb, is “to stand for something in a photo or pictorially”—pictorial gift a related adjective type variously supplied to refer to pictures.

The indigenous picture gotten in English roughly 1375–1425, obtained directly indigenous the Latin word pictūra, “the plot of painting, a painting.” the word is based on pict(us), the previous participle that the verb pingere, meaning “to paint.” The verb could also mean “to draw, embroider, represent,” amongst other senses. The second component of pictūra is -ūra, a noun suffix stood for as -ure in English. View our entry in ~ –ure to learn an ext about this suffix.

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The meaning of the word picture has actually been really stable in English. Just as it originally did in the late 1300s, a picture can still describe a illustration or painting— even if it is it’s your kid’s crayon-scrawled household portrait on your fridge or Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa in the Louvre. Both are masterpieces, as far as we’re concerned. You re welcome note, though, that when referring come formal or professional works, we frequently use the surname of the tool (painting, photograph, film), v picture introduce to more informal or amateur creations.

But picture has additionally been remarkably adaptable, readily lending chin to images developed by new technologies: photography, cinema, TV, and also all the pictures us take on our smartphones and also post on social media.

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The indigenous movie—it’s straightforward to forget in an age of Netflix streaming and also viral tik videos—is shortened from the phrase moving picture. And also what space digital images composed of? tiny pixels. That word is based on pix, a variant of pics, a typical shortening that picture. A picture, we might say today, is worth (many) thousands of pixels.