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How to say eggplant in Spanish: berenjena

Learning Spanish for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say eggplant in Spanish: berenjenaSay it out loud: “bear in hay\" nuh

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Some more helpful words in our Spanish vegetable category:

artichokes – alcachofa (all kuh chō\" fuh)beans – frijoles (free hoe\" lays)carrots – zanahorias (zah nah ho ree\" us)chickpeas – garbanzos (gar bahn\" zohs)cucumber – pepino (peh pee\" no)eggplant – berenjena (bear in hay\" nuh)garlic – ajo (ah hoe)lentils – lentejas (lin tay\" hahs)mushrooms – hongos (own goes)olives – aceitunas (ah check out ih too\" nuhs)onions – cebollas (seh boy\" yuhs)peppers – pimientos (pee me in\" toes)potato – papas (pa puhs)salad – ensalada (in suh la\" duh)spinach – espinacas (ess to pee nah\" kuhs)tomatoes – tomates (toe mah tays)

And here’s how to speak eggplant in various other languages!

Arabic–Bazenjan (ba zen jan)Chinese–Qiézi (Chiye Dz)Croatian–patlidžan (pot lee jahn)Czech–lilek (lee lek)Finnish–munakoiso (mu nah koi soh)French–aubergine (oh be afflicted with jheen)German–aubergine (ow bear guh nuh)Italian–melanzana (mell ahn zah nah)Japanese–Nasu (Nah Soo)Korean–Gaji (Ga Ji)Polish–bakłażan (ba kwa\" zan)Portuguese–Beringela (beh reen zheh lah)Russian–baklazhan (bah klah zhahn)Spanish–berenjena (bear in hay\" nuh)Swahili–biriganya (bee ree gah n’yah)Thai–Makhuea (mah koo-ah)Turkish–patlican (pot\" lee jahn)Vietnamese–Cà Tím (Ca Tim)

When in a travel location you will encounter countless native delicacies and fruits and also \"eggplant\" (berenjena) are amongst this, in some regions \"eggplant\" (berenjena) make an excellent stew and offer something new to her taste buds. Obtain instant access to the Spanish Language Set.

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