Hi guys, ns can't figure out just how to get Halo 3 to job-related on PC. I have actually Xbox game pass, and also downloaded all files from the store, and also it states in the MCC setups that halo 3 is installed. However when I try to begin a project it says \"Halo 3 DLC not installed\".

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I've tried reinstalling the video game twice and I'm stumped... Any help? any kind of solution to this bug? I've unchecked the aur 3 DLC papers in MCC and applied then rechecked, and also it won't reinstall it there either. Seems favor the steam version works yet not the Xbox game Pass version?

Crashes as soon as exiting the game. I'm fairly sad that EVERY Halo relax on pc is rife with major bugs.


If you download the MCC in the gamepass app, you'll need to head end to the Microsoft store and also \"authorize\" the MCC there, as soon as that happens you'll get multiple 10mb authorization files.

Late to the party yet I gained it working.

After installation the mcc in the xbox gamepass app, begin the windows 10 pre mounted microsoft store.

In the download queue you will view that over there is a grounding download because that every gloriole game.

Resume those downloads and also the store will download 10mb files for every gloriole game, after that it works.

Because MCC is being sold Ala Carte the DLC mechanism is a bit wonky to work with. You actually download the games from in ~ the game itself, it'll market you the choice whenever you shot and access content you don't have actually downloaded.

See however I had the exact same issue and also when It provides me the alert and also gives me the choice to download it, ns do and it walk nothing, maybe there's a variation of the base game I can dl that doesn't come with the \"dlc\", then shot to dl the gamings through mcc

Yeah ns tried that, the doesn't occupational for the video game pass version. The video game pass variation came with every game installed in ~ 77GB, not 100GB favor Halo 3 by itself. Therefore I gained an idea.

I walk to check out the aur 3 page, it stated error, ns pressed the refreshing button and also it said 100GB then readjusted to 10MB downloaded a tiny file and climate it works.... So everything was currently downloaded but somehow the in video game authorization because that Halo 3 the was failing functioned after gaining it from the store.

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They need to really settle this.


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