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Nowhere top top the planet can not find much more gold 보다 in phibìc America.And the one who visited the Americandream must be strong and courageous, carry out not retreat, and also are not afraid!Always learn and gain experience!And only then, Alaska and also Yukon will provide their gold from the depths

Start your season gold Rush!Start your season gold mining!Play the game and also reaches the finest results!

Build your empire of gold!

RULES that THE GAMEClick on the equipment and also mine yellow manually.Buy tools to rise the productionof yellow in one hand touch.Want automatic manufacturing of gold?Buy fuel for the procedure of the equipmentnon-stop.For the devices needed fuel - need a lot of fuel.If the fuel is stopped - avoid automaticextraction of gold!Increase the volume that the fuel tank and also get much more gold!

Build your empire of gold!Progressed from novice come experienced, hardened prospector! yellow miningrequires a remarkable effort! gold mining requires unlimited patience! yellow mining requires unwaveringperseverance! just bold and solid spirit people own gold!

Build your empire of gold!

All or nothing !


If you leave the video game when pour it until it is full the tank v fuel, the game continues to play and the gold is mined!

If the fuel is stopped - protect against automatic exploit of gold!

Increase the volume that the fuel tank and get much more gold!

Your an approach and devices operate at complete capacity! Your technique and devices needs timelyrepair!