You may recall the night-light slippers that we posted a while back, which are great and all if you"re a 60 year old lady that"s addicted to infomercials. But now we found this incredible new night-light that"s great for both kids and adults. It"s a uniquely shaped night light that features 3 removable glowing balls that are meant to help you on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night without the need to turn on all of your home"s lights. It"s called theBoon Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls, and it"s a genius new gadget that I need desperately in my life!

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A perfect addition to any kids room that requires a night-light, the glow balls lamp is able to glow in any color of your choosing, as there"s a slider that allows you to select any color in the spectrum. Once your kid needs to get up to go to the bathroom, they can just remove a glow ball and take it with them to go potty, or even get a snack or drink in the kitchen without the need to turn on any lights on the way.

Looking similar to some plant you"d find on some alien planet, the unique glowing balls kids lamp has a base that"s powered by a wall outlet, but then each ball has a battery in it that powers an internal LED bulb which lasts for up to 30 minutes on its own. Once you or your child puts the glow ball back onto the base it begins to recharge.
The night-light glow balls also have no electronics in them, and do not heat up at all so they"re cool to the touch and very safe for kids to hold and touch. They"re made from plastic so they won"t shatter or break if dropped onto the floor by accident.Another cool features of the lamp is that if you"re having a hard time settling on one color to select for the lamp, you can set it to rotate slowly through all of the colors in the spectrum, which creates an instant light-show right in your kids bedroom.If you"re looking for a fun and unique night-light for your kids bedroom, and have a kid that gets up in the middle of the night, this amazing Boon Glo Nightlight might be it! The lamp is made from plastic, and it measures8.6 x 7.8 x 9.4 inches. Check out the glowing balls night-light in action via the video below.

A slider on the bottom of the lamp lets you customize the colors of each glowing ball

Set the glowing balls to illuminate any color of your choosing

Each glowing ball from the lamp is removable to take with you for those middle of the night bathroom trips

You can also set the glow balls lamp to rotate between all of the colors to create a light show right in your kids bedroom

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The glowing balls are the perfect size to pick up and haul to and from the bathroom or kitchen in the middle of the night

The glowing balls are made from plastic so there"s no need to worry about dropping them and breaking them. The balls also don"t get hot, so they"re cool to the touch!