Trevor’s company makes good chocolates. The has determined how come maximize his profit What letter on the graph represents Trevor’s situation?


Question 2 (Multiple choice Worth 4 points)

(03.06 MC)

Software Engineer$63,000
Administrative assistant$33,000
Elemetary institution teacher$40,000
Registered Nurse$53,000
Construction task manager$72,000

Which of this is most likely true, based on the charted data?


Question 3 (Multiple an option Worth 4 points)

(05.04 MC)


Given the data in the chart, which two nations enjoy one absolute benefit in oil production over the unified States?


Question 4 (Multiple choice Worth 4 points)

(03.04 MC)

Merv’s Hardware, a small family-owned keep in Middletown, sells a 100-pack that garnet sandpaper because that $35. The home Shoppe, a large retail hardware chain in surrounding Morristown, selling the very same product because that $29. Based upon this scenario, what would certainly you expect Merv’s immediate response to be?


Question 5 (Multiple selection Worth 4 points)

(03.02 MC)

Marcie wants to job-related as a freelance editor. She to buy a desk, computer, widescreen monitor, and also ergonomic keyboard. What type of resources are these?


Question 6 (Multiple an option Worth 4 points)

(03.03 MC)

Bill and his wife, Vickie, desire to begin a company that develops training sessions because that corporate clients. Lock would choose to re-publishing the decisions, have couple of start-up costs, and protect their an individual assets. I beg your pardon of these would certainly suit their requirements best?


Question 7 (Multiple choice Worth 4 points)

(05.02 MC)

In 2011, Cambodia had a GDP the $33.8 billion and also a per capita GDP of $2,200. Practically a 3rd of its civilization lived listed below the poverty level, and also average life expectations was 62.5 years. Which of these additional factors would many support the conclusion the Cambodia is a occurring economy rather than an arising economy?


Question 8 (Multiple an option Worth 4 points)

(05.02 MC)


Given the data in the chart, which of the adhering to statements is true?


Question 9 (Multiple choice Worth 4 points)

(05.05 LC)

To defend consumers from possibly dangerous made goods, the U.S. Federal government is most most likely to usage which kind of profession barrier?


Question 10 (Multiple an option Worth 4 points)

(05.01 MC)


Which of the adhering to entities would most most likely agree through Adam Smith’s statement?


Question 11 (Multiple choice Worth 4 points)

(01.06 HC)


Look at the graph. A bookstore owner boosts the price the art publications to $25. I m sorry of these would certainly occur?


Question 12 (Multiple selection Worth 4 points)

(01.05 MC)


In anticipation that a hurricane, demand for tortillas goes up. Oyama’s keep produces tortillas. Based upon the chart, exactly how will Oyama respond come the new demand for tortillas?


Question 13 (Multiple choice Worth 4 points)

(05.05 MC)

Global totally free Trade Zones

Public Domain

Opponents of complimentary trade zones might use this map to argue that totally free trade


Question 14 (Multiple selection Worth 4 points)

(03.06 MC)


Sayuri’s eastern Café makes the finest pot sticker labels in town. The kitchen’s production is usually between 20 and also 22 pot sticker labels per hour. Sayuri buys a new an equipment to help the team make pot sticker labels faster. She tracks production over the food of seven days. Top top which day does the maker make a positive affect on production?


Question 15 (Multiple choice Worth 4 points)

(01.04 MC)


The bookstore is overstocked with old fantasy novels. It needs to remove the novels to make room for newly published fantasy novels. Based upon the chart, what can the bookstore carry out to boost quantity demanded for fantasy novels?


Question 16 (Multiple an option Worth 4 points)

(05.03 LC)

Which that the following statements most straight relates to the vast economic score of freedom?


Question 17 (Multiple an option Worth 4 points)

(05.02 HC)

Country A has actually an absolute command economy. Country B has a blended economy and also a population that favors market trade. Both want to boost trade to generate more wealth. Which action would country B most likely take that nation A would not?


Question 18 (Multiple choice Worth 4 points)

(03.04 MC)

Which of these businesses room in monopolistic competition?


Question 19 (Multiple choice Worth 4 points)

(03.06 MC)

Auto Bull’s-Eye supplies a 10-minute oil readjust and 30-minute brake check. There are two technicians who carry out each of these services. Next week, the shop is supplying a discounted oil change. How might this impact the production possibilities curve for next week?


Question 20 (Multiple choice Worth 4 points)

(05.06 LC)

Which of the complying with is a potential benefit of inflation?


Question 21 (Multiple choice Worth 4 points)

(05.04 MC)


Given the data in the graph above, i m sorry of the following trade scenarios is the many efficient?


Question 22 (Essay worth 4 points)

(03.01 MC)


An WangMadame C. J. WalkerSamuel F. B. MorseJoseph A. Unanue

Choose one of the entrepreneurs indigenous this list. Compose an essay around how your chosen entrepreneur has influenced life today.

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Detail difficulties he or she faced and explain exactly how this human being embodies one or an ext characteristics native the HUNT. Existing your an answer in a clear, arranged manner and cite examples as needed.



Question 23 (Essay worth 4 points)

(03.03 MC)

Write a i in an answer to the adhering to statement: service organization is a vital part of effective entrepreneurship.