We frequently come throughout many civilization who room attracted to the very same sex; lock can’t aid but regulate their feelings.

In fact, exact same sex feelings are not only complicated to accept, yet are difficult to express too. In part cases, a human being feels shattered since he/she i will not ~ be embraced by the society.

That phase is daunting but that the hard truth of life. This film “Rozana” is devoted to every such people who feeling awesome to fall in love with same sex.

It revolves around the life that a housewife that is in tears remembering she life v her “Girlfriend”. She finds it tough to change after marriage, but all she has is “Memories”

You will certainly be in tears to check out this quick film through The short Cuts. This film is specially committed to pride Month i.e. Because that LGBT community. Don’t miss out on this emotionally love story;

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So, after watching this movie, let’s pledge come respect the feeling of such people.

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