You an angel or a evil one type? i personally take it my women either way! and my panties as well ;) Make certain to monitor my panty selling concentrated twitter account (violet_cummings) and also visit mine sofia gray shop if you’re feeling it ;)

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I’m every for wholesome lesbian love and also advice content, but how carry out you, my pendant feel around this account going in a an ext NSFW direction?

I have actually lots come share and am trying to find the ideal platform to connect to mine Sofia Gray store!

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Hii!! ☺️ im in a substantial pickle right currently 😅 so i freshly reconnected with my high school sweetheart, and we’ve to be together since august or so. We were apart for 3 years (im going to be 21 this june 😋🤙🏼) and also within those 3 years i had actually my very first experience through a female. Ns love everything about it, i think women are beautiful 😍 recently i havent been maybe to prevent thinking around girls, everything about them and the pleasure they carry to me. I dont know just how to call my friend 😓 H E together P


I’d like to start off by discussing the lovely silver lining that is you trying out your sexuality! women are amazing. And honestly, if anyone understands the deep down, it’s right men. Also though it can be a tricky situation, i think it’s crucial that you interact your feelings v your boyfriend, just make certain you understand what friend want prior to diving right into that conversation! room you willing to shed him for her love the women? or is this other you want to explore, but not in ~ the risk of compromising your connection with him. Really put yourself very first in this situation and also be confident in your desire. After ~ that, it’s just a question of calmly and lovingly connecting your demands with him, best of lucky bb

how perform you understand the difference between wanting come be through someone or just wanting to fool about with them

Get to understand yourself first, your very own wants and needs, as soon as you understand your own side that things, girlfriend will have the ability to properly connect your demands to your partner whether it be fwb, occasional sex-related partners, dating, etc, etc

I shed love for my gf ~ 6 months of being together. Now I can"t even look at her in the eyes because I"m fear if she will cry if ns break up with her

I extremely suggest getting in touch with a therapist. Getting assist is not shameful and also you might maybe challenge some of your relational fear

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I witnessed some world asking because that advice here , and you provide really great advice , so just thought i"d questioning u around something , so i determine as gay however i prefer one male in mine whole whole life , choose one , and a bzillion girls , so does the make me bi? I typical guys never fazed me , however i just kinda preferred that one guy when i was really young , so now i"m kinda confused , what perform you really think ?

I candid don’t think labels space too important. Sexuality is so fluid for everyone and also people’s brand often change over time so possibly that’s what you are experiencing? simply remember to shot and not box yourself in when trying out your sexuality, have actually fun w it! for example, when I began this blog, I figured out solely together Bisexual, a couple years later it was pan. I have actually now cleared up on queer and an umbrella term because i desire to give myself room come evolve, yet i would happily identify as my previous labels as well! and also thank you because that the compliment, i wish you the most fun and also comfort in your journey :)