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Tankery, right here It Comes

Hailing indigenous a tankery family, Miho enrolls at Ooarai Academy, a school that has no Sensha-do team. However, she'll find out that she can't escape her past that easily.

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E1 | Tankery, here It Comes

Hailing from a tankery family, Miho enrolls in ~ Ooarai Academy, a institution that has no Sensha-do team. However, she"ll find out that she can"t escape her previous that easily.


E2 | Tanks, we Ride Them!

To have actually a fight they require tanks! With 5 tanks found, the tankery course splits right into teams because that their an initial mock battle.


E3 | We’re having a Match!

The groups are collection and everyone’s function is decided. The very first match viewpoints with Ooarai girl Academy facing St. Gloriana Women’s Academy!

E4 | Captain Does she Best!

With tank malfunctions, deserters, and trigger happy gunners, Miho will have actually her hands complete if Ooarai Academy is to make it through their an initial match.

E5 | Veterans Of your Trade: Sherman Corps!

The competition may have started, yet the real fight starts before the tanks also hit the battlefield!

E5.5 | Introductions! (Recap Episode)

Allow us to present the diverse full cast of girl und Panzer! The vault episodes room reviewed.

E6 | Our first Battle comes to a Climax!

Using St. Gloriana‘s trick against Ooarai reverses the flow of the battle. Deserve to Miho lead her team to victory?

E7 | Up next is Anzio!

Ooarai is doing well, yet the require for extr tanks leader the team to searching the entire ship for brand-new fire power.

E8 | We"re Fighting Pravda

Ooarai"s recent victories have actually filled them through arrogance, however their match against Pravda will surely carry them back to earth.

E9 | critical Ditch Effort!

The an alert of the school"s closure pipeline everyone crestfallen. Waving their white flag appears appealing, however Miho refuses to give up.

E10 | Classmates!

With the battle versus Kuromorimine approaching, Miho and the student Council establish they need much more firepower.

E10.5 | Introductions 2!

Without more adieu, we"d favor to introduce to girlfriend even more girls of girls und Panzer! The last couple of episodes room reviewed.

E11 | The fight Gets Fierce!

The battle versus Kuromorimine starts out well, however as the team find their path blocked by a river, things become difficult.

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E12 | The battle We Can"t back Down From!

After losing some tanks, Ooarai"s probability of winning greatly reduces. I beg your pardon Nishizumi will arise victorious?

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