A tourist in Thailand claims they “couldn’t think what to be happening” as soon as a two-year-old girl was dangled upside down from a wooden pole.

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Heart-stopping clip has emerged of the moment a two-year-old girl was bound come a 10-metre wood pole and swung right into the waiting in Thailand.

The video clip shows the youngster being placed atop the pole and tied through bright pieces of fabric prior to it was launched upright in ~ the ripe Emperor god festival top top Friday, October 23.



The toddler at the Phuket Vegetarian Festival in southerly Thailand on October 23. Picture: ViralPress/australscope

The girl waves and also appears to punch kisses as she clings to the beam.

She is jolted approximately as a man climbs increase the pole and also joins her, and also gives a thumbs-up come the audience despite the terrified look at on she face.

Despite the child showing up visibly upset, she is heaved top top the man’s shoulders prior to he rocks violently ago and forth.

She climate stands up and also waves again prior to being flipped over and also held upside down.

The man, stop yellow fabric tied approximately the girl’s foot, throws her towards the ground.

She plummets a variety of metres and also is left dangling prior to being hauled increase again.

“I couldn’t think what was happening as soon as I saw her gift tied come the wood beam. She was only two years old,” the human said.

“I’m not sure if over there was any special religious an interpretation to it or if it to be just part of the show. However the girl absolutely looked scared and also I can’t to speak for certain that it was safe.”

The annual Taoist event, also known as the Phuket Vegetarian Festival, is commemorated in the ninth lunar month.

It started on October 17 this year and also runs for a additional nine days.

The cleansing festival was started by Chinese immigrant in 1825 and also promotes abstinence from meat, alcohol and sex for great health and also peace that mind.

It is known for that firecrackers, attendees attract white and also painful-looking piercings.

Devotees putting swords, skewers and other objects v their body are dubbed mah song, or “horses the the gods” in Thai, and also are thought to be protected from pain.

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