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It was every a dream I offered to create raps in my notebookA infant G tryin' to walk like Eazy-E2pac to be the shit come meIn mine front room tryin to sing JodeciMy cousin Trell believed he to be Ice-TMinutes come out I believed I was k and bAnd the realist nigga concerned meLost daddy and it really made a male of meDropped school when I to reduce out reason my momma require helpFuck the so I'm out teenager v a babyThen I had actually 2Stayin with my grams in ~ 1132Walked in the streets were many niggas don't make itIn and outta jail male niggas can't shiver itSo many people did me wrongThat's why I had to write this song( chorus )They claimed I'd never ever make it come the topCause ns come from the bottomI'm from the hood were they make it babyThey said I never ever make it to the topCause ns come indigenous the bottomI'm top top fire and I'm file chasin'One shot because that the hot BoysThem niggas do me wanna gain a ripe boyNever believed I have cars like I got carsNever believed I have broads choose I obtained broadsSame girls wouldn't holler in ~ a broke niggaOn my penis like paris on shit so i treat her choose a ho niggaLost part niggas in the struggleThe night I lost I, I lost my brotherGotta get paid what ns told mine motherShow off her Rolex due to the fact that your boy is a young hustlerEverybody foolish while we laying across the streetSay we acquired rich turn off sellin' that DSay the hood an excellent if it good when ya get large moneyNow the hood wanna execute ya inThey say ns be in the pen but that's a lieFuck my name up time ~ time Boosie badazz
( chorus )I'm from the hood to be they don't do itEverything they shoot ain't got no safeEverything hood ain't obtained no patienceSo, they carry out time because that a stupid ass crimeTurf taught me grind nigga light lateYears past by and also I obtained that paperSaid ns wouldn't make it they laughed at a niggaNow I'm ~ above t.v. A ol' badass niggaCame indigenous the trap throughout the tracks wherein its thugsNow I obtained a home 3 stories favor a clubPeople quiet talkin' bout me however its every gravySo many people love me somebody gotta dislike meI go from runnin' indigenous the jump out boys come being adhered to round city by the binocular boysRemember when I provided to sit in front the game roomCalvin Ricks to be the shit on mine avenue( chorus )