ContentsIntroductionNew in spot 6.2New in patch 6.2.3ResourcesAbilitiesTalentsGlyphsSpell Priority & OpenerPetsDoomguard & Infernal StatsGearRacesHellfire Citadel encounter tipsAddons and also Macros IntroductionGreetings, friends. Ns am Victor/zvvl/Astrothug/vvv/ and also I am here to teach you exactly how to Affliction Warlock. Affliction receives a lot of hate because that being boring and also easy, and it deserve to be at times. However it\"s likewise very strong at the minute so whether you choose it or not, you\"ll most likely be being playing it at the very least a couple of times in job 6.2 and also for those that you who haven\"t touched it until now will have to learn somewhere. This guide will it is in written through the intentionally of making her journey into Affliction easy. Ns will shot to remove as lot fluff from mine explanations as possible to make sure details is clear and concise. Affliction Warlock is a generally single-target Warlock spec that relies upon applying and maintaining damage-over-time results to the target(s). Affliction is a spec that many players will uncover easy to choose up and also learn while those of you who space savants will be able to exploit Affliction\"s nuances to peak meters on and acquire sick™ parses (the best indicator because that player skill) on numerous fights. While reading this save in psychic that ns am no the demi-god of Warlocks that knows everything. I just am translate into information and also presenting that in a readable layout with my own take ~ above Affliction. I encourage you come read various other resources and speak with various other players in addition to reading this guide. Constantly feel free to deviate from guides and also experiment. There are a many Warlock sources out there, use them every if girlfriend really desire to improve.New in patch 6.2Affliction obtained several significant buffs in spot 6.2: Furty that Hellfire.Corruption currently deals 12% an ext damage.Agony currently deals 12% more damage.Unstable Affliction now deals 12% more damage.Haunt damages has been increased by 25%, and also now rises periodic damage dealt by 35% (up indigenous 30%). -July 20th, 2015 HotfixesDrain Soul damage has been enhanced by 50%, and also now causes all other DoTs come instantly deal 50% of the your normal damage (up from 40%). -July 20th, 2015 Hotfixes brand-new in job 6.2.3ResourcesMana:
Unless you\"re a finish beginner to people of Warcraft then you likely understand what Mana is. However, just in case you are a finish beginner (not the there\"s noþeles wrong with that) ns will describe it come you! Mana is a source that is provided to actors spells and also abilities. Many Warlocks spells have actually a Mana cost connected with them. In stimulate to cast these spells friend must have an same or higher amount the Mana 보다 the Mana cost of the spell. Making use of the spell will remove Mana from your \"Mana pool\" automatically. Mana is regenerated passively end time and through the use of Mana regenerating capability such together Life Tap. Frequently Mana is no an concern as girlfriend will frequently regenerate it faster than you spend it. In ~ level 100 you have actually a baseline the 160,000 Mana.

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Soul Shards room an Affliction Warlock only resource. Particular spells call for the expenditure of soul Shards in order to be cast. You deserve to have a preferably of 4 spirit Shards. Out of combat you passively regenerate 1 heart Shard every 20 seconds. In combat you can only generate soul Shards via Nightfall. Or through channeling drain Soul top top a target once it dies.

Tier 1 (Level 15): soul Leech is generally my go-to selection for this tier. It offers you a pretty shield because that 30% that the damage you execute with drainpipe Soul and also Haunt. This amounts to a many absorption end the course of one encounter. Dark Regeneration have the right to have it\"s use on a few fights such together Iskar whereby your raid might have friend standing in the fire laser. Harvest Life is poop.

Tier 2 (Level 30): Shadowfury is basically the just talent worth taking in this tier. Mortal Coil doesn\"t heal unless it additionally incapacitates (most raid mobs space immune). Shadowfury have the right to be used to stun adds on a few fights such together Socrethar ghosts or the skellingtons in Gorefiend\"s stomach.

Tier 3 (Level 45): Soul link is the talent to take. It provides you a nice 20% damage reduction and some alright healing to you and also your pet. Dark Bargain deserve to be useful if you are personally struggling with a specific one shoot mechanic and want come just ignore it, yet I\"d strong advise versus this.

Tier 4 (Level 60): take it Burning Rush. Outside of Gateway and also Circle you have actually no mobility abilities and also Burning rush fills this gap.

Tier 5 (Level 75): together of the July 20th Hotfixes, Grimoire of Sacrifice is the choose here. You have the right to Sacrifice a Voidwalker if you need a personal Damage Reduction capacity (Shadow Bulwark) or a Felhunter if you have to interrupt. Girlfriend sacrifice a pet and gain added damage top top your drain Soul and 20% extra wellness if you likewise take heart Link. You\"ll additionally gain access to your sacrificed pet\"s Command Demon ability. You additionally (MAN, HOW countless BENEFITS deserve to ONE TALENT PROVIDE?) obtain 2% of her max HP regenerated every 8 seconds. Not a lot, but still nice. Take Grimoire of dominance if you room taking Demonic Servitude.
Tier 6 (Level 90): take Archimonde\"s Darkness. It offers a sizable damages increase and much more flexibilty with Dark Soul. Kil\"jaeden\"s Cunning and also Mannoroth\"s Fury have literally no major use.

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Tier 7 (Level 100): Soulburn: Haunt have to be ordered here. Together explained above you obtain a buff that rises the damages your DoTs carry out for 30 seconds. Demonic Servitude deserve to be taken at reduced item levels. If you pick Demonic Servitude usage the Summon Doomguard summon, don\"t take Summon Infernal. Cataclysm can be bring away if you want to carry out some shenanigans throughout farm come get huge DPS number on fights favor Kormrok, yet you shed a lot of single-target (boss) damage as such so i recommend versus doing so.Glyphs
Affliction Warlocks space granted a lot of liberty with their selection of Glyphs. This have the right to be a bit of a double-edged sword as while us have many Glyphs we deserve to use, we additionally have a many trap Glyphs. Glyphs that seem an excellent at a an initial glance however fall level in practice. The next few glyphs room glyphs the you shouldn\"t use. Their usefulness is minimal or non-existant. Part are even detrimental. Assignment Priority and also OpenerSoulburn: Haunt Opener:
22 seconds prior to pull: Pre-cast Soulburn. Remember previously when I stated that you regenerate one heart Shard every 20 seconds out of combat? Time to put that understanding to use. By precasting your Soulburn you offer yourself one extra soul Shard in ~ the start of the fight. Make sure you ask because that a 22 2nd pull nicely! top top the pull: actors Soulburn: spirit Swap which will certainly immediately use Corruption, Agony, and also Unstable Affliction to her target. Your turbulent Affliction will have a complete pandemic duration. Struggle Dark Soul: Misery actors Drain Soul. Monitor priority.
Keep Agony, rough Affliction, and Corruption used to the target. This have to NEVER loss off your main target and also your uptime must be over 95% if you are playing properly. If because that some reason all 3 loss off (you had handle a mechanic that placed the ceo out of variety for example) climate the order for reapplication need to be Agony -> Corruption -> rough Affliction.Reapply Soulburn: Haunt as soon as it\"s around to loss off, actors Summon Doomguard/Terrorguard when under the effects of Bloodlust or once the target is under 20% Health.
22 seconds before pull: Pre-cast Soulburn.On the pull: actors Soul Swap which will certainly immediately use Corruption, Agony, and also Unstable Affliction to her target. Your rough Affliction will have a complete pandemic duration.Cast HauntCast drain SoulFollow Priority
Keep Agony, stormy Affliction, and Corruption applied to the target. This should NEVER autumn off your major target and also your uptime have to be over 95% if you are playing properly. If for some reason all 3 fall off (you had handle a mechanic that put the boss out of variety for example) then the order because that reapplication should be Agony -> Corruption -> unstable Affliction.Cast drain Soul
Dark heart usage:With your second charge you\"ll generally want to use it throughout a burn phase that occurs at an abnormal time (ie: Hellfire High the supervisory board Bloodboil burn) or during the execute step (As always you\"ll desire to have it up for Bloodlust.While progressing you need to be reasoning of just how you deserve to most efficiently use Dark Soul throughout the fight. Think around where you need to burn, how numerous Dark souls you theoretically can cast, when is over there \"downtime\" wherein you can\"t DPS, once is Bloodlust, etc Pandemic: You\"ll check out this ax a lot once researching Warlock. Basically, it\"s a mechanic that allows you to refresh DoTs and \"add\" the full duration as long as the DoT has actually Pets
All pets essentially carry out the exact same DPS bonus, aside from the Doomguard and Infernal. Imp top top single-target. Voidwalker if utilizing Grimoire that Sacrifice. Felhunter / Observer if you need to interrupt.Doomguard & Infernal:Use the Doomguard/Terrorguard. Doomguard gives much much more single-target damage (the score of Affliction Warlock) than the Infernal. Infernal doesn\"t begin to beat the end Doomguard\"s in its entirety damage till there room ~6-7 targets that will be sustained for the full duration. Your melee will also thank you because that not having actually a large rock monster up in your shit. Doomguard also has the added benefit of having actually Shadow Lock as soon as using Demonic Servitude, an interrupt that you don\"t have to stop casting to use due to the fact that the pets itself provides it and also not the Warlock.Doomguard likewise deals 20% much more damage as soon as the target is below 20% health due to Doom Bolt. StatsSingle-target:Int > Spell power > Haste >= Mastery > Multistrike > Crit > VersatilityI strongly recommend valuing Mastery end anything as well as Intellect and also Spell Power. Not only is Mastery an extremely close come Haste in value, it likewise has the added benefit of being stronger once you move to Destruction and also Demonology. That is considerably stronger on both of those specs than Haste. GearBest in slot gear, now feat. Archimonde due to the fact that Furty is a babby:Helm: Deathrattle Mask (Tier 18 Helm) - KormrokNeck: Choker of Forbidden Indulgence - Gorefiend Shoulders: Mantle of the Eredar mr - ArchimondeChest: Deathrattle Robe (Tier 18 Chest) - MannorothBack: coat of Hideous unit - Fel mr ZakuunBracers: Contemptuous Wristguards - Tyrant VelhariGloves: Deathrattle Gloves (Tier 18 Gloves) - SocretharBelt: Sash of unending Anguish - Fel mr ZakuunLegs: Deathrattle Leggings (Tier 18 Legs) - GorefiendBoots: Dessicated Soulrender Slippers - TrashRing 1: Loathful Encrusted band - Tyrant VelhariRing 2: Nithramus, the All-Seer - legendary questline Trinket 1: Desecrated Shadowmoon Insignia - Hellfire High CouncilTrinket 2 (Non-demon target): Fragment that the Dark Star - ArchimondeTrinket 2 (Demon target): Orb that Voidsight - Mythic Dungeon random bossWeapon: Edict that Argus - ArchimondeKeep in mind as soon as gearing the these pieces aren\"t constantly going come be conveniently obtainable. Periodically they won\"t drop, sometimes someone rather will acquire them, etc. This BiS list is simply what you have to shoot because that if you room given finish freedom that loot. However, since that isn\"t always the case you may have to take different pieces. It\"s constantly worthwhile to consider taking an upgrade even if isn\"t appropriate stats. A general dominance of ignorance I monitor is that if the is a 10 ilvl, Mastery or Spell power upgrade, I\"ll take it it.Gems: Immaculate Haste TaladiteMastery jewel are also acceptable.Enchants: Enchant coat - Gift the HasteEnchant Neck - Gift the HasteEnchant Ring - Gift of HasteEnchant Weapon - note of WarsongFull enchanting because that Mastery is also acceptable.Consumables:Buttered Sturgeon or Sleeper sushi - Buttered Sturgeon if you are Enchanting and also Gemming for Haste. Sleeper sushi if you are Enchanting or Gemming because that Mastery.Draenic Intellect PotionGreater Draenic Intellect FlaskRacesAll races room pretty much also in regards to DPS. The difference in between them is neglible, so pick whichever you want. Blood Elf if you want datass, Orc if friend want large shoulderpads, human being if you\"ve constantly fantasized around being a human, Dwarf if beards space your thing, etc. However in case you are pertained to with squeezing the end that extra few hundred DPS I\"ll include the numbers:
Hellfire Citadel conference Tips
Work In ProgressFor the purposes of this overview I to be assuming every fights room being excellent on Mythic challenge and that all your gear is at the very least Heroic quality. Your typical talent set-up will certainly look choose this: Hellfire Assault:Affliction ~ above progression? no recommendedTalents: typical set-up through CataclysmTrinkets: DSI + course TrinketIron Reaver:Affliction top top progression? RecommendedTalents: traditional set-upTrinkets: DSI + class TrinketKormrok:Affliction ~ above progression? recommended if your raid needs an ext boss DPSTalents: standard set-upTrinkets: DSI + class TrinketHellfire High Council:Affliction ~ above progression? RecommendedTalents: typical set-up (Yes, GoSac)Trinkets: DSI + course TrinketKillrogg Deadeye:Affliction ~ above progression? no recommendedTalents: typical set-upTrinkets: DSI + course TrinketGorefiend:Affliction top top progression? not recommendedTalents: conventional set-upTrinkets: DSI + VoidsightShadow-Lord Iskar:Affliction ~ above progression? no recommendedTalents: StandardTrinkets: DSI + course TrinketSocrethar the Eternal:Affliction on progression? only if friend need an ext boss damage and Ghosts room covered by other classesTalents: standard set-upTrinkets: DSI + course TrinketTyrant Velhari:Affliction on progression? RecommendedTalents: conventional set-upTrinkets: DSI + VoidsightFel lord Zakuun:Affliction on progression? RecommendedTalents: standard set-upTrinkets: DSI + VoidsightXhul\"Horac:Affliction on progression? not recommendedTalents: traditional set-upTrinkets: DSI + course TrinketMannoroth:Affliction top top progression? no recommendedTalents: typical set-upTrinkets: DSI + VoidsightArchimonde:Affliction on progression? not recommendedTalents: typical set-upTrinkets: DSI + VoidsightAddons & MacrosAddons: - WeakAuras 2: WeakAuras go everything. From being a boss mode to a buff tracker. There space so countless uses that it\"s usually mandatory. Warlocks have actually their very own WeakAura thread below on MMO-C: AffDots: simple DoT tracker. Macros:Pet attack: