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Azami: "I will be the judge."

Wait. That's illegal.

You can't simply replace the judges once things don't go her way. I guess Azami assumed it's to be a long time since we last experienced him acting prefer a scumbag and also figured it to be time to remind us.

I had all but forgotten around his comical evil villain crap. And then they pull this shit. Seriously..

"At what suggest where you under the impression that i wasn't using my Kyokasuigestu rigging this in mine favor?"

Central is gradually losing the lead, eh? allow me simply step in as a judge. I'll be impartial, i promise. - Azami

I kinda miss the old Shokugeki, wherein they would certainly focus an ext on just how the dish to be prepared rather of spending over fifty percent of the episode concentrating on evaluate the dish. It's like, 20 seconds of preparation however solid 5 minutes of tasting.

I tried out several of the old dishes, because I saw exactly how they were prepared, yet now ns don't view shit and also I can't even start the complete the ingredient list.

There's a factor the manga sales dropped off during this arc and never recovered. The ideal of it is behind you.

Rumor has actually it the author and artist lost access to the chief they to be working v to come up with the recipes starting this arc, ns heard.

Even the spin turn off (emiya mountain chi no kyou no gohan) is far better at showing just how food is ready than this disastrous arc.

Also, comfy as hell


I know central doesn't believe in fairness by any means, yet surely this will certainly seem choose extremely foul pat by every onlooker. Also if they win, it'll seem prefer they had actually to resort to rigging whatever to do so.. The entirety thing is just so dumb. Ugh.

Erina-chi completely stole the show today though, quite much damaging Momo, and also winning some significant brownie points through that smile and also catchphrase. To run away through the finest girl spot v that including-Megumi's-name-in-her-dish stunt.

Welcome come Central, whereby we have to literally rest the game to ours favor because otherwise we have the right to not win!

I mean, considering just how their side has a man who go not know that potato is a starch, a man who wins an F in Economics, and also Rindou, they might have come rig the game.

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I know main doesn't believe in same by any kind of means, yet surely this will seem like exceptionally foul play by every onlooker. Also if castle win, it'll seem prefer they had actually to will to rigging whatever to execute so.. The entirety thing is simply so dumb. Ugh.

They've been committing foul play and also rigging whatever the entirety way, why must this be any different?