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I love Fiddler top top the Roof. I think that it is just one of the finest ever. Mine only trouble with the is the ever before so awkward track sang by Perchik "Now I have actually Everything." I simply think that this is a poor song, and it is so out of location in a musical full of an excellent songs. Every various other song has so lot purpose, and then this track pops up out of nowhere and it does absolutely nothing because that Perchik or Hodel. Plus, what"s through the last note? does anyone else feel this means about this song?
I disagree; I prefer the song. Perchik expresses his pleasure at having found in Hodel some companionship in his nomadic life. Hodel in turn has discovered the male she loves, who has opened she eyes (and her father"s) to new ideas. Julia Migenes-Johnson and also the late Bert Convy go it an extremely well ~ above the original Broadway CD. The song was cut from the movie, see the object "Cut Songs" for my explanation.

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As a former Perchik, i must defend my track The tune expresses the change in Perchik - from being solitary minded toward transformation to having actually a purpose and also reason come fight for revolution. The declares Perchik"s love because that Hodel and Hodel"s love for Perchik. In the very first act, castle are regularly having "battles" also from when they very first meet.Yeah, the last keep in mind is different, yet it"s no boring!

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The song itself was put in a excelent place and the text of the track are good. To me personal the composition is not the most great thing and also is definatly not one of the ideal songs in the show
It"s type of funny because during one of the rershals once the manager was providing notes he told ours Perchik and also Hodel that after see them execute the tune that he bar liked and also felt was out of place he understands the meaning...Maybe you just haven"t "felt" the yet...
I, as well must safeguard my song! (As i have played Perchik) I agree with most of the human being here who have actually responded. The track talks around this guy who believed his life to be perfect, but actually he realized his was nothing until he discovered his love. Ns think the track also, is Perchik and Hodel"s vow that love. That"s why ns really don"t like Motel"s song. Ns think that tune really has no connection to Fiddler whatsoever.

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But you guys have to admit the (musically) the tune is way different native the rest of the songs, right?Lyrically, the tune expresses Perchik"s position well. However, it lacks the "ethnic" facet that flavor all the other songs. (Ethnic is a stupid adjective yet I"m gonna stick with it.) The song the Jews song are plainly Jewish; lock either use Jewish scale or contain many references come the Old testimony ("Miracle of Miracles") and also "L"Chaim" sound a little bit Russian once the Russians come in. Perchik"s song reflects no distinguishable social influences in regards to musicality. The is the most "Broadway" that the songs i think.But I carry out like it! I just wish they would certainly have contained some facets of Jewish music in it. And also his critical E (I think that"s what it is) is weird. I"m playin Hodel ideal now and also it"s type of harsh on the ears once I"m that close come him.