Considering the much Edge the Fate was supplied to define the lead as much as Ala Mhigo during 3.5, it might mean come go beyond it, come Garlemald.

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I have the right to see that actually. Illberd claimed it last as soon as going to Ala Mhigo. Currently that (I believe) Zenos is saying it, going to his home land that Garlemald renders sense to me.

it's simply a kind of thematic motif they choose using a lot, the very same as "an finishing to mark a new beginning" and also "for those we have lost, for those we can yet save"

I'm no really sure if it way anything, because it didn't really average much critical time either. External of gift the surname of the spot leading right into Stormblood, and also a single line of message from Ilberd ("Come! view what awaits you at the far edge of fate!"), that didn't really have any specific significance. It may finish up an interpretation something, yet with what we recognize now ns think it's just a deliberate callback.

Past the much Edge of FateRing knives dark and also lightTolling the resulting the end

I think the line need to be taken v context. What it means I can't say, but there's a lot there in 3 lines.

Had it been a distinctive line top top it's own I'd give it more stock, yet the idea the "the edge" as a boundary of the unknown appears to be a pretty typical feature in the translations of the game. Together you said, 3.5 was "The far Edge of Fate," which to be our push right into Ala Mhigo and versus the empire. Lock then usage "To The Edge" v the 5.3 trial, another far-reaching boundary in the game being pushed with us killing Elidibus and thus the last unsundered paragon.

With us going come Garlemald and also the moon, it fits with how they usage it that we'd once again be travel "past the much edge the fate" into new unknown territory. Beyond that i don't think there's something really distinct to the line.

they said throughout the showcase the 6.0 story in endwalker is the finish of the hydelyn and zodiark story arc,a 10 year old story is coming to an end.

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its forshadowing the climax

Pretty certain it's just a coincidence, it's just an obscure FFXIV speak that's probably comparable to something favor "stepping into the unknown", going places or doing things that no one could have imagined kind of thing.


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