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Feta and spinach pastry

Below you will find the solution for: Feta and spinach pastry 7 Little Words which has 11 Letters.

Feta and spinach pastry 7 Little Words

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Since you currently resolved the clue Feta and also spinach pastry which had the answer SPANAKOPITA, you have the right to ssuggest go ago at the major short article to inspect the other day-to-day crossword clues. You deserve to carry out so by clicking the connect right here 7 Little Words February 8 2019

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#CluesAnswer1Uses scissors5 Letters2Doughy appetizers11 Letters3Shadowy film noir blinds8 Letters4One that provides faces6 Letters5Decelerating7 Letters6Foghorn"s surname7 Letters

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Latest Clues

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Latest Bonus Answers

#CluesAnswer1Vacant10 Letters2Explorer of nickelodeon4 Letters3Flowed smoothly8 Letters4Lists of tasks7 Letters5Two-perchild conversation8 Letters6Protect from heat or cold8 Letters7Act of wooing9 Letters
#CluesAnswer1Assuming11 Letters2Opposite of plural8 Letters3Took for granted8 Letters4Pays no heed to9 Letters5More furious7 Letters6Slippery lawyer7 Letters7The powers that be6 Letters
#CluesAnswer1Looks forward to6 Letters2Dropping fastballs7 Letters3Google rival4 Letters4Blemishes7 Letters5Shakes in one"s boots8 Letters6Befuddle7 Letters7Milliner8 Letters
#CluesAnswer1Ship provisioner8 Letters2Astonishingly11 Letters3It procedures particular gravity10 Letters4Lois lane portrayer teri7 Letters5Accommodate6 Letters6Li"l abner"s surname5 Letters7Morsels for frogs5 Letters
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