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digital record from initial item http://hdl.thedailysplash.tv/thedailysplash.tv.pnp/ppmsca.49343

Title: / Otis Hairston, Jr., photographer. date Created/Published: <1990?> Medium: 1 photo : b&w print in mat ; sheet 26 x 20 cm, mat 28 x 36. Reproduction Number: LC-DIG-ppmsca-49343 (digital file from original item) call Number: lot 15045, no. 2344 Repository: Library of congress Prints and Photographs division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA http://hdl.thedailysplash.tv/thedailysplash.tv.pnp/pp.printNotes: title devised by Library staff. Forms part of: Visual materials from the Rosa Parks documents (Library that Congress). Maybe taken on the 30th anniversary the the Woolworth\"s student lunch counter sit-in. Photographer credit on mat: Otis Hairston, Jr., photographer ... Greensboro, NC...\" Subjects: Format: Collections: Bookmark This Record:  https://www.thedailysplash.tv/pictures/item/2015650580/

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Reproduction Number: LC-DIG-ppmsca-49343 (digital file from original item) Call Number: lot of 15045, no. 2344 Medium: 1 picture : b&w publish in mat ; sheet 26 x 20 cm, mat 28 x 36.

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If a digital photo is displaying: The attributes of the digital image partially count on whether it was made indigenous the initial or an intermediate such together a copy negative or transparency. If the Reproduction Number field over includes a reproduction number that starts through LC-DIG..., then there is a digital image that was made straight from the original and also is of sufficient resolution for many publication purposes.

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If just black-and-white (\"b&w\") resources are noted and girlfriend desire a copy showing color or tint (assuming the original has any), girlfriend can typically purchase a high quality copy the the initial in color by citing the call Number listed above and also including the catalog record (\"About This Item\") v your request.

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Call Number: many 15045, no. 2344 Medium: 1 picture : b&w print in mat ; sheet 26 x 20 cm, mat 28 x 36.

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As a conservation measure, we typically do no serve an original item once a digital photo is available. If you have a compelling factor to view the original, consult with a recommendation librarian. (Sometimes, the initial is just too delicate to serve. Because that example, glass and also film photographic negatives are an especially subject come damage. Castle are likewise easier to view online whereby they room presented as positive images.)

Do the accessibility Advisory or call Number fields over indicate that a non-digital surrogate exists, such as microfilm or copy prints?

Yes, another surrogate exists.

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