El Año Viejo is a common year-end heritage in Colombia and also other nations in Latin America. On December 31st, anyone gets excited around the brand-new Year and its obligatory resolutions because that change. Años Viejos are supplied in plenty of places come symbolically leaving behind poor things native the ahead year. Traditionally, this affiliated burning effigies full of firecrackers or pockets the gunpowder, however for safety reasons, the exercise has evolved into something much less spectacular but no much less important. Listed below you can uncover a video of just how intense and exciting this celebration can be.

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The Año Viejo is now crafted together a tiny doll in a tin. Civilization take small pieces of document and compose all the bad things that have actually happened during the year. They climate burn them and the doll in the tin together a prize of renewal.


Some communities in Colombia and also Ecuador hold daylight parades ~ above December 31st to show the effort and artistic talent that has actually been put into making the doll prior to it gets burned in the center of the night.


There is a song around not forgetting the “Año Viejo” and also being thankful for the great things in life. This tune was composed by Cresencio Salcedo, a Colombian songwriter and made famed by mexican singer Tony Camargo. The track is played almost everywhere Latin America during the December celebrations and and has actually been danced to because that over 60 years! below is a video of the initial singer that never got to satisfy the writer that the song.

Yo no olvido el año viejo porque me ha deja’o cosas muy buenas. 

Me dejó una chiva, una burra negra, una yegua blanca y una buena suegra.

This is one of those heritages you can quickly share through your students. Have them decorate their Año Viejo and have castle think around what lock would choose to execute in the future. I have a simple and fun task where students placed together your own record “Año Viejo” and write about their purposes for the new year. This resource is easily accessible on teacher Pay Teachers. Please note that this task doesn’t include an “Año viejo” doll.

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¡Feliz Año!

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Anonymouson February 2, 2018 at 9:36 pm

Hola Carolina, me encanta todo lo que compartes acerca de Colombia! soy de Colombia tambien pero soybean beans de Popayan. Quiero preguntarte si la actividad del ano viejo la podria hacer con estudiantes de HS. Si es asi, cada paquete puede alcanzarme para dos estudiantes?


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