You room not the an initial to point out this lately. I did it so lengthy ago, that ns can't remember it, sorry. Perhaps examine the damages recap for hints on what's damaging you, etc? T

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ive make the efforts a bunch haha okay enlist some guild aid today. Im glad im not the just one! this quest is unbearable and also like ns said, after ~ the trial have the right to be also harder. Im trying to clear wrothgar and also this is gettingg me come the allude where im around to speak fuck it. Ive remained in wrothgar too lengthy as is.

Found this, probably it might help

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I just googled 'the anger of a king eso is hard' and found this and it provides me feeling better. I was serious fucking raging just now. Ns feel choose an idiot about how mad this has made me this morning. I acquired past the part where you have to hit the switches (after dying a million fucking times) and now i store dying again and its therefore stupid hard. They need to either nerf it or in which method let you understand its a team quest or something. I consider myself pretty decent at games and also this is insane.

yep. Glad i eased her pain