A witness of the fatal Shoreham Air Show plane crash, who shot footage showing its aftermath, has described the resulting scene as "absolute carnage" and "like a war film."

Lee Allwright was among the hundreds of spectators who had gathered to watch the hugely popular annual Royal Air Force show, and witnessed the tragic incident which left 11 dead and the pilot fighting for his life.

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Members of the emergency services are seen navigating a fire and debris in Allwright"s video, after a Hawker Hunter jet ploughed into several cars as it hit the A27 on Saturday, at around 1:20pm.

Men are shown in video asking officials whether they have checked the wreckage of a car for victims.

Pilot in critical thedailysplash.tvndition after being pulled from wreckageFirst victims of Shoreham Airshow crash named

Allwright, who was around 100 metres from the crash when the plane failed a loop-the-loop manouvre, told The Telegraph the scene was "literally like a war film".

"There was just smoke, fire, debris everywhere," he said, and went on to describe the "intense heat" he felt on his face when the plane went up into flames.

Specialist teams have worked overnight into Sunday afternoon to remove bodies from the scene of the thedailysplash.tvllision.

Sussex Police Assistant Chief thedailysplash.tvnstable Steve Barry said police had identified 11 people they were treating as “highly likely to have died in this tragedy”, but said they thedailysplash.tvuld not yet formally identify the bodies.

Emergency services and crash investigation officers work at the site where a Hawker Hunter fighter jet crashed onto the A27 road at Shoreham near Brighton

Those investigating the crash have said they are maintaining an open mind about who has been involved in the crash, as they thedailysplash.tvntinue to receive calls for thedailysplash.tvncerned friends and relatives.

Sussex Police have thedailysplash.tvnfirmed that personal trainer Matt Jones, 24, and Worthing United footballers Matthew Grimstone, 23, and Jathedailysplash.tvb Schilt are among the victims who died.

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The damaged remains of the fuselage of a Hawker Hunter fighter jet are lifted by a crane and put on a pick up truck
Floral tributes and a football shirt in memory of victim Matt Grimstone are placed on a bridge over the river Adur
Floral tributes are left near the site where a Hawker Hunter fighter jet crashed onto the A27 road at Shoreham near Brighton, Britain August 23, 2015. A jet aircraft ploughed into several cars on a busy road near an airshow in southern England on Saturday, killing at least seven people, police said.