The sector Revolution
The U.S. Economy, specifically in the interior, evolves away from a subsistence economic situation to a an ext commercial economic climate with interior improvements, tariffs, banks, and also sudden financial downturns scaring many
America attracting large numbers of immigrants, a high bear rate, and fairly healthy life conditionsRapid population growth
Industrialization, immigration, and much more attractions readily available than landscape livingThe growth of American cities
The Potato FamineInflux that dirt-poor ireland immigrants into U.S. Cities
Fears the Catholicism, dirty bad people, and also jobs gift taken awayRise the nativism such as the development of the aboriginal American Association and the know Nothing Party
The Germans coming with more way than the IrishGerman farming neighborhoods in the Midwest while the ireland clustered in slums of eastern cities
The sector Revolution, urbanization, and industrialization's affect on women and the familyWomen and also men's ball were separated and family dimension decreased
Emergence of the manufacturing facility SystemConsolidated production under one roof, ending of the "putting-out system", the decrease of artisans, and a an ext definite division of labor
Samuel Slater's visit come EnglandThe American manufacturing facility System that copied England's
Eli Whitney's invention of the noodle ginImproved manufacturing of noodle by separating the seed from the boll, and also opening cotton manufacturing (and slavery) into brand-new areas
Eli Whitney's idea of interchangeable interchangeable partsRevolutionized industrial production through increasing performance through standard parts
Favorable federal government policy, a world who tinker to uncover practical solutions, and an enhancing educated populationExplosion in the number of patents before the polite War
The need for employees to combat long hours, dangerous functioning conditions, short payThe climb of job unions and strikes
Commonwealth v.

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Hunt (1842)
Established a criterion upholding the legality of job unions
Employers searching for cheap, nontroublesome workforceThe primary use the women, children, and also immigrants in antebellum factories
The desire of profit trumping idealistic functioning conditionsThe decrease of the Lowell factory system to remedy the evils of English industrialization
The transportation RevolutionIncreasing the area that a business' market, happen the Market transformation into the countryside, local economic specialization
Robert Fulton's innovation of the steamboatRiver website traffic increased and river cities boosted in importance
The Erie CanalConnected new York with sectors in the great Lakes
Railroads being hurtDeceived the prestige of canals and also transportation routes might be direct and also reliable
The development of the telegraph by Samuel F.B. MorseImproved the rate of communication to wherein for the first time interaction could travel faster than one can physically travel
John Deere's innovation of the stole plow and also Cyrus McCormick's mechanically reaperAgricultural becomes more efficient and more people space freed from producing food