The hotly-disputed fight for the presidency between George W. Shrub and Al Gore was ultimately determined by the Supreme Court.

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The End of the Clinton Era

Flip this House(1994);The Yugoslav Wars(1991-1999)


The 2000 presidential election pitted Republideserve to George W. Bush against Democrat Al Gore. Initial election returns confirmed that Gore had actually won the famous vote, yet neither candidate had actually garnered the 270 electdental votes compelled to win the presidency. The election hinged on outcomes from the state of Florida, wbelow the vote was so close regarding mandate a recount. The outcome of the election was eventually made a decision by the US Supreme Court in Shrub v. Gore. The court, in a 5-4 vote, ruled in favor of Bush.


1800? 1824? 1876?




The Election of 2000

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