"The cluckers society is now referred to as to order." Edd claims as he check Johnny's egg and grades it. Alexis rolls she eyes wishing she wasn't in this club with Edd.

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"Exceptional progression Johnny." Edd says.

"Horay." Johnny says. Alexis watches Edd inspect the remainder of the eggs before she goes earlier to her illustration to save her mind off of what Edd did to her. Alexis jumps as she hears the Kanker sisters come in the room.

"Oh watch a crowd." Marie says.

"Must be a good place to eat." Lee says. Alexis it s okay up and walks over to Jimmy and also Sarah exhilaration protective of she friends.

"Who's increase for some eggs?" Lee asks.

"I'll have actually mine sunnyside up." Marie says. Alexis growls together she sees the youngsters start acting like chickens v their heads reduced off from being so scared and then walk hide. Alexis is about to shot to calm the kids down when she hears Lee scream and sees the Edd autumn a book on she foot.

"Hey what's your transaction mister?" Marie asks.

"He clobbered mine foot that's what." Lee states holding her swollen foot.

"Lee I carry out apologize it was an accident." Edd says.

"I bet. Come on may lets acquire Lee come the college nurse." Marie says. Every the kids then come out i hiding after ~ witnessing what Edd did. Edd chuckles nervously.

"Shall we go back to our ace v a noodle bud massage?" Edd asks.

*Time skip*

The next day Alexis look at Edd messing with among his ties and goes earlier to her phone while she is getting her notebook from her locker and also listens to the others talking around what taken place yesterday.

"You sent out a Kanker packing." Eddy states as he then starts laughing.

"What you use the ancient deadly art of allergies?" Eddy laughs.

"Do no taunt the D Eddy i was there." Ed says. Edd and Eddy both look at Ed then Eddy looks in ~ Alexis.

"Oh no don't look in ~ me choose that I'm no getting affiliated with this particularly with Edd. I desire nothing to execute with the after what that did. I'm simply tolerating him since I have actually classes with him and also that's it. Due to the fact that after what the did that is unforgivable." Alexis claims a bit harshly looking right at Edd together she states it.

"Oh please it to be an accident honestly ns feel simply awful." Edd says. Alexis growls and also gives Edd a fatality glare.

"Head in sock Ed boy." Rolf claims to Edd.

"Rolf requires your assistance." Rolf says.

"May you have a spare composing stick? Rolf's has but been lessened to the dimension of yet a baby's buzzu." Rolf says mirroring Edd his small pencil.

"Why of course I carry out Rolf." Edd says as he climate goes looking v his locker and then kicks Rolf native behind. Anyone then starts comes over as Edd turns around and kicks Rolf again. Alexis watches make the efforts to figure out if it's accidental yet isn't walk to walk over to be positive. Pencils then walk flying in ~ Rolf pinning him come a locker leaving a thrilling Edd.

"Rolf would have taken a straightforward no not this day yes." Rolf says.

"Here Rolf take among my spare pencils." Alexis says as she then hands Rolf among the pencils she has actually in her locker.

"Thank you wolf girl." Rolf says.

"No problem." Alexis states not taking her eye of native Edd.

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"Dude it's always the quiet ones i swear." Nazz says dragging Kevin off with her.