Sometimes you want to look your best and also occasionally you want to look worse. Perhaps you think only want to look much better, however occasionally it’s fun to check out what one-of-a-kind impacts deserve to execute to your looks, for much better or worse!

You deserve to put on your best outfit, visit the salon for a new hairstyle, and also invest in serious dental occupational. But no matter how much you attempt to enhance your looks in the actual civilization, apps can make you look even much better. Or worse…

Apps to Make You Look Better


Have you ever before wanted to be the star of your picture, however background people or places obtained in the way? With AfterFocus you have the right to blur out the background to make yourself the emphasis of the image.

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After you take a picture, just draw about the photo you desire to be clear and the application will certainly recognize the photo, blurring everything else in the photo. You can add distinct results to the blurred area or to the focused area.

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AfterFocus is available cost-free for Android devices at Google Play and for iPhone, iPad and also iPod Touch for $0.99 at the iTunes App Store.


If you’ve ever wanted an Andy Warhol-prefer cartoon picture of yourself, you deserve to produce one with iMadeFace. This straightforward application allows you develop a cartoon confront, no illustration skills forced.

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Just pick out an outline of a face in a form you like, then pick out facial functions, hair, sunglasses, ears, text or other facets. Swipe left and also ideal to pick features, swipe up and down to pick colors.

Want to check out what you’d look like through hair as blue as Marge Simpson’s? Try out blue for your hair color!

The application even has actually a random feature so you don’t have to count on motivation or artisattempt for cool cartoon imperiods.

Have fun playing about with your image then save it to your electronic camera roll. You can additionally share the image on social media or email. You can additionally save a photo to contacts so you can make cartoon images for your friends.

iMadeFace is available totally free for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from the iTunes App Store. In-app purchases are obtainable for packs of facial elements.

Hollytimber Camera

This app have the right to turn you into a Hollywood movie star by adorning you in costumes from famous movies. If you ever before chosen to play dress up, you’ll love this application.

Hollywood Camera was occurred utilizing the Hollytimber Costume exhibition from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. This app allows you don costumes from well known movies to revolve you into a star. The application consists of 16 different costumes you deserve to place on your picture, either from your photo library or from a photo you take via your phone’s cam.

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The app likewise has actually filters to provide your photo a different hue. You can likewise include frames to your images.

After you’re satisfied through your transformation, you have the right to share your creation on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr or email and also conserve it to your camera roll.

Facetune is accessible for $1.99 for iPhone, iPad and also iPod Touch in the iTunes App Store.

Image Editor

" data-image-caption="" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" loading="lazy" class="alignideal size-complete wp-image-13775" alt="Image Editor Android" src="" width="142" height="143" data-pin-description="Image Editor Android" data-recalc-dims="1">Not to be perplexed with Image Editor above (though confusion appears inevitable), Image Editor is a sophisticated application that enables you to manipulate photos to make them what you want. You deserve to add filters, drawing, message and various other edits to your photos.

What renders this Image Editor app unique is the capacity to layer photos. So if you have actually a snapshot of yourself, but desire to add a practice function, such as a new background, hat or superhero costume, you deserve to add a new photo to layer that photo on height of your picture.

Here’s a video clip mirroring you just how Image Editor works:

Image Editor is cost-free for Android tools at Google Play.

Apps to Make You Look Worse

Drinking Mirror

Drinking Mirror is an app from our friends at the Scottish government, and also by friends I mean “party poopers”. Drinking Mirror reflects you the impacts of your drinking over the course of 10 years.

Choose a photo of yourself, then let the application understand just how many kind of alcoholic drinks you imbibe per week, from zero to 10+. The app then gets to occupational changing your image to demonstrate the results of your drinking on your face over ten years.

Now I’m not calling the developers party poopers bereason they’re trying to aid you reduced down on your alcohol intake. Their goal is quite noble and if you’re trying to curb your drinking habits, this application can be a very effective deterrent. The ravages of alcohol sindicate aren’t pretty.

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What renders this app a actual downer though is seeing the impacts of time alone on your face. Even if you choose zero drinks, then let the application work its “magic”, the results of aging are, let’s say sobering.

If you’re brave and/or insane, you have the right to share your after photos on Facebook. Many world will most likely prefer to keep their after photos well surprise.

Drinking Mirror is obtainable for complimentary for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch at the iTunes App Store and also for Android devices at Google Play.

McDonald’s MouthOff

Hey, it’s April Fool’s Day, yet this application is for real. MouthOff is a free application from McDonald’s that turns your mouth right into a fish mouth. Frankie the Fish’s mouth, to be exact. The mouth moves as you stop, making you show up to have a fish mouth. You can pick from four various fish mouths.

But what really provides this application fun and also addictive is the Fishy Fishy rap song. Feel totally free to play the song over and also over aobtain as you dance approximately your residence, office or local rapid food restaurant.

Acquisition of Fish McBites is not forced.

Here’s a video of the app in activity. Try to keep your feet still as you hear this song. Bet you can’t perform it!

McDonald’s MouthOff is currently unobtainable.

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Other Fun Image Enhancing Tech

For even more methods to edit your imperiods, check out:

Bottom Line

Use apps to aid you show a better or worse face to the human being. Why let truth acquire in the method of how you look? Let technology aid you alter your image for much better or worse.

Who knows? You may even desire to use your amplified photo as your new Gravatar!

Have you supplied apps to transform your image? Did you make yourself look better or worse? Were you able to listen to the Fishy Fishy song without dancing? Let us know in the Comments section below!