I"ve been having a lot of trouble after the latest patch. I was unable to launch it without crashing, so I repaired the game several times and also deleted the patch and mods. But now that the game works again, I now have the problem that I can"t load my saves, because they were saved with mods installed. I"ve attempted this guide: to get mods to work again, but still with no luck. Is the guide completely correct, or am I doing something wrong? Do I need the same mods I used originally, or would any mod work?

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what problem are you having ? This is my guide BTWPS: To load saves you need to have package.mft on your "Patch" folder to be the right version. It is a text file that can be edited with notepad. Just add 1 to the "Version" number that is currently there, if your save isn"t loading.The current vanilla patch 5 should have a package.mft file looking EXACTLY like this. If you don"t have "Version 6" there then you need to repair your game. To get your saves to load try changing the "6" to "7" or "8"
It still isn"t loading my save file. I think I"m following the directions correctly. I copy and paste the normal patch on my desktop. I delete the patch.daimod file. I use DAI mod manager to merge the patch with mods (and once with nothing but the normal patch), I make a folder called "Merged" on my desktop, and that"s where I save the merged patch file. I rename patch folder in the update folder "PatchV", and then I move the Merged folder into the update folder and rename it "Patch". My save files still don"t work
ok you are confusing 2 things1) Making mods workthe reddit instructions are to make your mods work again. Can you start a new game ? If you have a jammies mod just unequip every single armor and move them to "valuables" and you should be able to see the modded jammies, even at game start. You can move the armors back to "armor" after you verify that mods are working.2) Loading old savesWhat message are you getting ? Your save is using a newer patch ? That is caused by the version number on the file named package.mft inside your Patch folder. Using notepad, change the Version 6 line to say Version 7 or Version 8, to get your saves to work
superking91 wrote:Do I still need to have mods installed to load my saves? That"s what I"ve read elsewhere
superking91 wrote:Do I still need to have mods installed to load my saves? That"s what I"ve read elsewhere
To be precise, Yes and No. All you need is that the file named package.mft inside your patch folder contains the right "Version". As soon as you fix that you will be able to load your saves, with or without mods.Of course if you want to use mods is better to do that with the "Patch" folder that was your merged folder. This way you can load your saves and use your mods at the same time. But if you are not in the mood for mods, just copy the vanilla patch folder to "Patch" and make the change on the package.mft there. It will load your saves without any mods.
YES, I got it to work!!! I"ve tried the changing version fix before, and it didn"t work. I changed it to 7 and it didn"t work. But what seemed to have happened is that it somehow got changed all the way to 8. It finally loaded my save file when I changed the version to 8. Thanks a ton man, I"ve been trying to fix this for 2 days
glad to help

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Learned a valuable lesson too. Changed my Origin settings so patches don"t automatically download and install