A facebook plea for customers to re-publishing photos of your dogs come cheer up a cancer-stricken Arizona teen has yielded more than 500,000 pictures, follow to one of its organizers.Roberta Lucero-Koron released the \"Photo Doggies because that Anthony\" project in December come raise the soul of Anthony, the child of her Phoenix friend, Kristen Lyons. Lucero-Koron and also Lyons' Facebook page says Anthony has been and also

A facebook plea for individuals to share photos of your dogs come cheer up a cancer-stricken Arizona teen has actually yielded much more than 500,000 pictures, according to one of its organizers.

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Roberta Lucero-Koron introduced the \"Photo Doggies for Anthony\" campaign in December to raise the spirits of Anthony, the son of her Phoenix friend, Kristen Lyons. Lucero-Koron and also Lyons\" Facebook web page says Anthony has been and also out that the hospital, experience chemotherapy treatments for acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

\"Hi all, my girlfriend Kristen Lyons has her boy Anthony at Phoenix Childrens hospital,\" Lucero-Koron wrote. \"Some job he gets doggy visits and some the does not. They make him smile. I assumed if I create this event, friend can short article a picture of her dog to assist make the smile. His mommy shows them come him and he smiles.\"

\\\"Friday\\\" indigenous Westfield,MA. Simply turned 3 years old on brand-new Years Eve, and has ultimately stopped eat the furniture. Get better Anthony.Tammie Carrier-Wilda‎ / thedailysplash.tv

Word spread out far past friends and family as the Facebook page went viral. Together the puppy pics started putting in, the updates followed. Anthony invested his 16th date of birth at house Dec. 26, follow to a article labeled together authored through Lyons.

\"I additionally want to say thanks to each and also every among you for sending out your doggie and also occasional kitty pictures,\" Lyons wrote. \"We have laughed, ohhhed and ahhed in ~ every single photo and video so far it has really to be a joy and also I evaluate everyone sharing their pets with us and the an individual messages to Anthony space truly awesome.\"

Hey Anthony Lyons! My surname is Checkers and I'm indigenous Simpsonville, south Carolina! mine Mama rescued me 3 years earlier and ns Love my family! hope you feel better soon!!Mary anne Johnson Spivey‎ / thedailysplash.tv

The dog photos maintained coming. Follow to a Dec. 31 update, Facebook users from the united Arab Emirates come Australia sent an ext than 2,000 photos, and also there to be no end in sight. \"I can not express the happiness we have acquired from these photos,\" the upgrade reads. \"We have looked at each and also every photograph and video clip and we laugh and also sometimes cry simply from the outpouring that support.\"

Good morning Anthony! He's no my dog, and also it's no my picture, however this is just one of my favorites. Feel better!Brenda Donovan Jackson / thedailysplash.tv

With Anthony apparently facing one more week the chemotherapy in the hospital starting Jan. 2, Lucero-Koron made one more Facebook appeal: \"He needs your photos and also prayers. GOD BLESS you ALL.\"

Supporters responded in exponential and also adorable fashion. As of Sunday, more than a half-million dog picture from everywhere the people were mutual with the family, according to the facebook page.

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Hi, my name is Bucky, i am a 10 year old Cairn Terrier and I live in Brighton, Michigan. Mine Mom and also Dad gave me the surname Bucky due to the fact that my prior teeth are so \\\"bucked\\\" that my tongue hangs out. I hope this place a large smile on your face. Feel far better soon.Lisa Wagner Miller‎ / thedailysplash.tv

And as of Monday afternoon, an ext than 810,000 Facebook individuals had included themselves as \"guests\" that the continuous Facebook event.

\"God Bless you and God Bless the World wide Web,\" Lucero-Koron composed Jan. 4. \"Anthony is smiling joyfully since of YOU. ... One thing I have to say is, make yourself smile as well by spring at these beautiful pets that God gave us. Ns can\"t protect against crying from tears the happiness.\"