So I have actually no idea what to carry out right here. I dug up the fourth pressure plate, and put barrels on all of them to remove the lava, yet nopoint else happens. I"ve already completed the wishing well pursuit (by making use of his brother to teleport to him, is tbelow any kind of factor (experience points?) for me to attempt and figure out this riddle.I"ve also uncovered no details around it, other than the easy way to kill the guardian.Any tips/ideas would be much appreciated!Another Q, is tbelow any advantage to maintaining the immaculates in Heiberheim alive? I chequipped them all initially, but currently I think I"ll kill them for the additional XP.

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I had assumed that, yet there"s no method to gain to them. I gain teleport as much as the area wright here they are. I"m in the middle "lane", and also the sentinals are on the left and also appropriate of me.I might never before break (or lockpick) the doors dvery own either as soon as I supplied the wishing well to get there.
ok what"s the allude of the 4 switches beside 4 statues? I can"t google anything about it, and also nopoint seems to happen once I carry out it.
ok what"s the allude of the four switches next to 4 statues? I can"t google anypoint around it, and nothing seems to take place when I perform it.
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