Both nail polish and nail lacquer describe a varnish or lacquer used to fingernails or toe to shade them or to make them watch shiny. Pond polish, pond lacquer, nail varnish, nail enamel are various names for the same product. Various cosmetic brands use over names for various products to do the products much more exotic and also appealing. However, some civilization are that the view that nail lacquer is thicker, darker and, therefore, take much more time to dried off. But, this opinion has not been evidenced by any cosmetic brand or showed by any kind of acceptable an approach as of yet.

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What is nail Polish/Lacquer

Nail polish is offered in tiny bottles, and also it can be used on fingernails and toes with a small brush. The lacquer hardens and also forms a shining coating top top the nail few minutes after applying. This coating is resistant come water and also chips; this coating can likewise last for several days prior to it starts to chip and fall off. This can also be eliminated by using nail polishing remover, i m sorry is specially design to eliminate nail polish.


Nail polish might contain various ingredients. However, there room some common ingredients or bases in all these products. Plasticizers, dyes and also pigments, opalescent pigments, adhesive polymers and thickening agents space essential elements in the production of pond polish.

Apart native the obvious differences in miscellaneous brands, pond polish/lacquer can likewise be divide into different categories. Below given room some usual classifications:

Base Coat is a clear, milky-colored, or opaque pink polish the is used before the applications of the nail polish. It can strengthen nails, aid polish adhere to the nail and restore humidity to the nail.

Top Coat is a clear, transparent nail polish the is provided after using the (colored) pond polish to the nail.

Matte is a typical nail polish, but it has actually a dull end up rather than a shiny and glossy finish.


Difference between Nail Polish and also Nail Lacquer

As we proclaimed at the beginning of the article, there is no clear cut difference between nail polish and nail lacquer. Although part people believe that nail lacquer is thicker and also darker, this is not recognized by the manufacturers.

A product i m sorry is promoted as pond lacquer is sometimes defined by the same agency as a pond product. Because that example, Butter London pond Lacquer ( the brand name) is described as a greatly pigmented, high-fashion nail polish. Therefore, it becomes clear that both terms room equivalent.

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In addition, the ax lacquer is increasingly being offered by many cosmetic companies. For example, mainstream brands favor O·P·I (American based) and Butter London (based in the UK) usage the term nail lacquer.