On familysearch.org , I was able to look at my household tree generated from the 10000s of birth documents on the site and also I found Julius Caesar when I was trying out deep right into my family tree. I'm 14 year old. Not sure if he to be a great(×some number) grandfather of mine, however I've heard some sources say his lineage totally died out....but deserve to I believe familysearch.org?


Two crucial things to keep in mind:

any household tree you discover is a tree that someone else has made. The is not showed or certified by any third party. Just due to the fact that a person says lock are related to someone walk not average it is a verifiable fact. I can put King Tut in my family tree if I desire to but it's meaningless uneven I have actually proof.

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it is nearly impossible come prove relationships that much back. The farther back you go, records were no well retained and, in plenty of cases, are lost or ruined over time.

I would say the it is unlikely the you are related to Julius Caesar and, unfortunately, the is nearly impossible come prove otherwise.

It would certainly be very, very unlikely. Even if the were likely, without any documentation or resource citations, it doesn't matter. Documentation is everything.

This is the problem known as Descent indigenous Antiquity, and also the consensus opinion is the no one has been may be to execute it yet. I'm lucky enough to have actually traced a couple dozen ancestors ago to the 1600s in brand-new England and Virginia. A few of castle are discussed in "Plantagenet family tree of Seventeenth-century Colonists" which gets you hooked earlier into the Royal family members of Europe. Almost all of those family members trace earlier to Charlemagne that was born in 742 AD, and also his earliest ancestor is Arnulf the Metz (c. 582 – 640 AD).

That is about the limit. Prior to that girlfriend are right into the Dark Ages and there just are not any records to work with.

Julius Caesar had no enduring children; he had actually to embrace an heir, Octavian, aka Augustus Caesar. The only child he had to make it through to adulthood was his daughter Julia, wife of Pompey, and also she died in premature childbirth, together with her child. His feasible son by Cleopatra, Caesarion, died at 17 and was no married.

ETA: The Julii on the line also had notorious and also well-documented fertility issues. Caesar himself was essentially a man-whore, with two wives and many well-attested affairs and also mistresses but, external of Julia, produced not a single documented kid from any kind of of his liaisons, conserve his possible son by Cleopatra.

According to mine whiz child I to be a direct descendant of Edward II. My letters to Buckingham palace have actually gone unanswered. All ns ask because that is a boy title and also a cottage.

So just how does the website have records from prior to 700 AD?? If people included them in, exactly how did they know??

Can you link to what you're introduce to?

I think you're confuse "records" with family members trees that people have developed on their own and also have make them seek on FamilySearch. Records would be birth documents, marital relationship documents, Church records, death certificates, etc.

Is it possible? Yes. Is that probable? sort of.

Your family members tree it s okay so huge as you trace back, that basically there comes a point where you space somehow regarded every other human being from a particular region. For example, it’s usual to say that every european is a descendant that Charlamagne.

This is a mathematical oversimplification. Lines die out. If i don't have children, or no one of my children have children, then nobody 1000 years from now can be descended from me no matter what.

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Further, if I'm of a particular special course (noble, royal, Ashkenazi, whatever) the doesn't interbreed through others, uneven you're component of the same class it's i can not qualify you'll be descended from me.