The Curse of Oak Island- Seakid 4, Episode 9: Echoes from the Deep

The Curse of Oak Island’s Season 4, Episode 9 is out. Is anyone else on the edge of their seats? Let’s have actually a look at this latest chapter in the Oak Island treacertain hunt.

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Plot Summary

Brothers Rick and also Marty Lagina, treacertain hunter Dave Blankenship, and Oak Island historian Charles Barkresidence accomplish at Borehole 10-X with geophysicist and sonar scanner Brian Abbott. Abbott- that has actually showed up in previously episodes of The Curse of Oak Island, consisting of Seaboy 2, Episodes 9 and also 10; and Seachild 3, Episodes 1 and 6- has actually returned to Oak Island also to conduct a sonar shave the right to of of the chamber at the bottom of the 230-foot-deep shaft. While Abbott prepares his tools, the narrator describes just how the sonar scan expert, in 2015, carried out a sonar scan of the chamber at the bottom of Borehole 10-X, analyzed the information, and established that the chamber consisted of a variety of artificial objects. One of these objects appeared to be wooden chest. While manually exploring the cavern in Seaboy 3, Episode 13, but, celebrity wreck diver John Chatterton found no evidence of artificiality. He did, however, uncover a big rectangular rock, which he believes was the chest-prefer object indicated by the outcomes of the sonar shave the right to. He maintains that he picked up the rock and relocated it from its original place. Marty Lagina, who would certainly favor to conclude investigations at 10-X so that he and the crew might focus on various other locations of interemainder on Oak Island also, hopes that another sonar sdeserve to will certainly fix the 10-X mystery as soon as and for all; if a 2nd shave the right to reveals the existence of a solitary chest-choose object situated a short distance from the comparable object in the first shave the right to, then the rock that Chatterton picked up and relocated is virtually certainly Abbott’s ‘chest’.

An interpretation of Abbott’s original sonar scan of Borehole 10-X. The chest-like object lies at the centre of the chamber.

While the crew looks on, Abbott conducts his sonar shave the right to of Borehole 10-X. As the operation progresses, Abbott- while watching the scan data on a screen- says that the rectangular object shows up to be in the very same general area on the chamber floor as it was on the 2015 scan, however that he will have to properly analyze the sdeserve to information in order to determine precisely wbelow this new object lies relative to the old one.

That night, the Oak Island also crew meets with Brian Abbott in the War Room. Abbott, that has finimelted analyzing the information from his sonar scan of 10-X and comparing it through that of his previous shave the right to, presents his findings to the crew. He maintains that the 2 scans are virtually similar conserve for the rectangular, chest-choose object; in the the majority of current scan, the object is nowhere to be found. According to Abbott, this is an indication that the object John Chatterton picked up and also relocated throughout his dive is indeed the chest-choose object indicated by the older sdeserve to. With that, Abbott wraps up his presentation and leaves the crew to their thoughts.


Following Abbott’s presentation, Marty Lagina claims that he doesn’t “desire to perform anything even more in 10-X.” Rick Lagina and Dave Blankenship, on the various other hand also, indicate their unwillingness to provide up on the shaft into which Dave and also his father Dan poured so much of their time, energy, and sources. The crew members proceed to discuss the worry of 10-X for some time, each man attempting to justify his own place. In the finish, they tentatively agree to put 10-X on the back burner and direct their attention in the direction of the Money Pit, namely Borehole C1. With that, they conclude their meeting.


Later, the Oak Island also crew meets at Borehole C1 through experienced wreck diver John Chatterton and also his dive supervisor Howard Ehrenberg. In order to prepare for Chatterton’s upcoming dive, the males of Oak Island Tours Inc. have actually arranged for sonar experts Blaine Carr and also Evan Downie to conduct a sonar sdeserve to of the chamber at the bottom of C1 through the 3D Multibeam Scanning Sonar tool by BlueView, a item of cutting edge sonar scanning technology. Carr and also Downie arrive on website, unload their equipment, and reduced the BlueView scanner into Borehole C1 by a cable. The scanner reaches the void at the bottom of C1 without incident. The subsequent sonar scan reveals the existence of what shows up to be a narrowhead augmentation of the chamber at the bottom of the void, which Carr says can be the entrance to an underground tunnel.

An interpretation of Carr and Downie’s sonar shave the right to of Borehole C1.

That night, Carr, Downie, Chatterton, and also Ehrenberg satisfy with the Oak Island team in the War Room. There, Carr and also Downie present their survey information taken from the void at the bottom of C1. They intricate upon the augmentation they uncovered in the side of the void, which they now believe exoften tends at leastern “10 feet… from the centre of the” major shaft, and also may well “carry on” additionally. They also discuss the chamber at the bottom of the void, the dimensions of which Chatterton succinctly simplifies to “about 7 foot high, and also 10′ x 10′.” Chatterton and Ehrenberg consider the data and decide to perform a dive in C1 the following morning. With that, the meeting is concluded.

The adhering to morning, Chatterton, Ehrenberg, and also their crew meet through the guys of Oak Island Tours Inc. at Borehole C1. The diving crew reviews security steps prior to lowering a geared-up Chatterton into Borehole C1 on a bosun’s chair, a suspension device rather akin in appearance to an old-fashioned playground swing. Chatterton descends the caiskid into the cavity below without event. As he explores the void, he observes that the wall surfaces show up to be written of “reduced rock”.


In time, Chatterton reaches the bottom of the void. His vision is impeded by the thick cloud of black silt that characterizes the water in C1 at that particular depth. He proceeds to explore the chamber manually, feeling the walls and floor via his hands. He proclaims the cavern floor to be made of soft clay, and the stone wall surfaces to be “very unstable, irconsistent in form, the majority of sharp edges”.

After being in the water for twenty minutes, Chatterton is progressively brought to the surface so as to avoid decompression sickness (a perhaps deadly problem involving the formation of nitrogen bubbles in the bloodstream, which can result if one ascends from a dive too quickly). Upon surencountering, he tells the crew “I’ve got excellent news and poor news. The bad news is… visibility is devastating. The good news is… there’s an additional hole.” The narrator then explains that, in accordance with Carr and Downie’s sonar sdeserve to, Chatterton discovered the visibility of what could be a tunnel leading away from the chamber at the bottom of Borehole C1. Upon being motivated by Rick Lagina, he suggests that a diver can conduct some metal detecting at the bottom of the chamber in a future dive.

Immediately, another skilled diver, Mike Huntley, prepares to make a dive to the bottom of C1 with the expush purpose of retrieving the shiny, gold-coloured object observed in an previously underwater electronic camera operation. Huntly promptly suits up and also descends the 170-foot-deep shaft.

Huntly makes his way to the bottom of the C1 void without occurrence. Equipped with an underwater metal detector, he starts scanning the chamber for any kind of sign of metal. Immediately, he discovers a big, smooth, block-favor chunk of metal installed in the cavern wall. He is unable to pry it out or extract a sample from it, and is unable to visually identify it due to the existence of hefty silt. Rick, Marty, and also other members of the Oak Island also crew wait in anticipation on the surconfront, wondering if they have actually ultimately, in Rick’s words, “ the chapter on the book that I contact ‘The Oak Island also Mystery"”.


John Chatterton

In the summer of 2015, Oak Island Tours Inc. ennoted the assist of expert diver John Chatterton. The treacertain searching company hoped Chatterton could dive to the bottom of Borehole 10-X and also check out the cavity tbelow in order to identify whether it is natural or fabricated. In Season 3, Episode 13, Chatterton properly dove into the 10-X cavity, explored it manually, and could discover no evidence saying that the cavern is fabricated.

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John Chatterton is a celebrity wreck diver and also Vietnam War veteran that offered as co-organize for the History Channel’s display Deep Sea Detectives. Throughout his career, Chatterton has explored a variety of renowned sunken ships, consisting of Gerguy submarine U-869 (a sunken U-boat of Nazi Germany’s Kriegsmarine which Chatterton and his team uncovered off the shore of New Jersey in 1991), RMS Lusitania (a British sea liner which was torpedoed by a Germale U-watercraft in World War I), the HMHS Britannic (an Olympic-class ocean liner which sank off the island of Kea, Greece, in 1916), the MV Struma (a ship transporting Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust which was torpedoed by a Soviet submarine in the Black Sea off Istanbul in 1942), the SS Andrea Doria (a deluxe Italian sea liner which sank in 1956 off the coastline of Nantucket, Massachusetts, after colliding through another ship), and also the renowned RMS Titanic (a enormous British superliner which hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic on her maiden trip in 1912 and also sank, bring about the deaths of about 1,500 passengers and crewmembers).


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