CHICAGO -- as soon as you"re on speed to success 105 games, the last days the the continuous season space going to incorporate a lot of team documents or "first time because ..." moments. The Giants space hitting that suggest already.

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With Saturday"s 15-4 blowout that the Chicago Cubs in ~ Wrigley field they reached 47 road wins, the second-most because the franchise relocated to mountain Francisco. This is just the third time in the critical 53 periods that the Giants have won more than 45 roadway games, and also with 7 remaining, this group has a opportunity to complement the SF-era record of 53 roadway wins, collection in 1993. 

The Giants have built an offense that also makes Oracle Park look small, so a most these road gamings have turned right into laughers. They scored five runs in the 2nd inning Saturday and also then really broke the game open in the 5th with a six-run rally emphasize by Tommy La Stella"s three-run blast turn off the video clip board in best field. La Stella ended up being just the 5th player this season come smash a homer off that board, which stays clear of balls with that trajectory indigenous landing ~ above Sheffield Avenue.

La Stella"s homer turn off the scoreboard in ideal breaks the game large open pic.twitter.com/PrU3x1S7LT

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The Giants will go for a move -- and also a perfect 6-0 road expedition -- ~ above Sunday. They"ll have their new ace, Logan Webb, on the mound. 

The Captain

With the Giants top by a run and two top top in the 2nd inning, Brandon Belt struggle a deep fly round down the right ar line the curled foul before bouncing completely out the Wrigley Field. He straightened the up later in the at-bat. A blast come dead facility effectively put the game away and also gave Belt 23 homers because that the year, five more than his previous career-high.

Belt"s 23 homers room the many by a Giant because Hunter Pence struggle 27 in 2013, and given just how Belt often tends to choose them up in bunches, he has a shoot at reaching that mark with 20 games to go. The Giants have had just a dozen players with 20 homers end the critical decade, consisting of three this season -- Belt, Brandon Crawford and Mike Yastrzemski. V his following blast, Belt will tie Buster Posey (24 in 2012) for the second-most residence runs by a Giant due to the fact that they won the 2010 title. 

Good Gaus

The Cubs placed two runners in scoring place with no outs in the first, however Kevin Gausman held them come one run. Some negative luck thrust a pair more runs throughout in the third. Ian Happ hit a two-out fly round to the track in center that Yastrzemski misjudged on a public day, allowing it come drop for a triple. Happ score a batter after that an infield single. That was it for the house team, though. 

Gausman made it through 6 on a warm day in Chicago, walking none and striking out nine. He join Zack Wheeler and Max Scherzer as the only pitchers in the National league to reach 200 strikeouts, and also he came to be the only giant other than Madison Bumgarner and Jeff Samardzija to do it in the last decade. 

Welcome Back

Kris Bryant wasn"t the just one return to Wrigley this weekend. La Stella played 4 seasons here and was component of the 2016 championship team, and also he absolutely looked right at home on Saturday. La Stella has been slumping lately however manager Gabe Kapler maintained him atop the lineup and also it paid off.

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La Stella had three hits, 3 runs and also drove in a career-high five. He had actually previously had 4 four-RBI gamings in the large leagues. La Stella had seven full bases, his most as a Giant.