Dallas rock tape Crown The empire have announced a deluxe edition reissue of critical year'sThe Resistance: rise of The Runaways.

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The Resistance: deluxe Editionwill function four new tracks and brand brand-new packaging and also will it is in released through Rise records on October 30. Pre-orders are available now with iTunes.

Of the luxurious edition and new tracks, vocalist Andy Leo says, “For us, the brand-new songs ~ above the luxurious edition that 'The Resistance' are about closure. So lot has changed over the last few years, and up until this point, ns think we’ve been in search of who us were together artists. 'Cross our Bones,' 'Prisoners the War' and 'Machines (re-invented)' are simply the surface level the what us feel we’ve uncovered creatively together songwriters and also as individuals. Together we carry The Resistance come an end, us hope these songs excite you for what is come come.”

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Expanding on the brand-new single specifics co-vocalist David Escamilla adds,“'Prisoners of War' is the most moral we’ve ever before been lyrically. We felt completely open and also able come talk around how we felt as a band, and for one last time, we were may be to carry those real emotions into the human being of The Resistance. Every journey must pertained to an end, and with this one drawing to one end, we wanted to thank all of you because that being a component of it, and invite you follow me as us head towards a brand-new horizon for Crown The Empire.”

You deserve to watch the brand-new video for “Prisoners the War” below where you'll additionally find the album art and also track listing forThe Resistance: deluxe Edition, along with Crown The Empire's several upcoming tour days alongside Hollywood Undead and also I Prevail.

The Resistance: deluxe EditionTrack List:1. A contact To arms (Act i)2. Initiation3. Millennia4. Machines5. The wolf of Paris (Act ii)6. MNSTR7. 2nd Thoughts8. Maniacal Me9. Satellites (Act iii)10. Rise of the Runaways11. Bloodline12. The Phoenix Reborn13. Johnny’s Rebellion14. Detainees of War15. Overcome Our Bones16.

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Machines (Reinvented)17. Millennia (Acoustic)

Crown The realm Tour Dates:Sep 8 – Dallas, TX – residence of Blues (w/Hollywood Undead)Sep 9– Houston, TX – house of Blues (w/Hollywood Undead)Sep 11– Tempe, AZ – The Marquee (w/Hollywood Undead)Sep 12– las Vegas, NV – house of Blues (w/Hollywood Undead)Sep 14– san Diego, CA – house of Blues (w/Hollywood Undead)Sep 15– Los Angeles, CA – Mayan Theatre (w/Hollywood Undead)Sep 16– Riverside, CA – Riverside Auditorium (w/Hollywood Undead)Sep 18– Portland, OR – decision Ballroom (w/Hollywood Undead)Sep 19– Boise, identifier – Knitting manufacturing facility (w/Hollywood Undead)Sep 20– Seattle, WA – Showbox sector (w/Hollywood Undead)Sep 21– Spokane, WA – Knitting factory (w/Hollywood Undead)Sep 23– Edmonton, ab – Union hall (w/Hollywood Undead)Sep 24– Calgary, abdominal muscle – Macewan Ballroom (w/Hollywood Undead)Sep 25– Saskatoon, SK – O’Brian’s event Centre (w/Hollywood Undead)Sep 26– Winnipeg, MB – The Garrick (w/Hollywood Undead)Sep 28– Bismarck, ND – Civic facility (w/Hollywood Undead)Sep 29– Minneapolis, MN – very first Avenue (w/Hollywood Undead)Sep 30– Sioux Falls, SD – The district (w/Hollywood Undead)Oct 2– Detroit, MI – The Fillmore (w/Hollywood Undead)Oct 3– Erie, PA – Sherlock’sOct 4– Pittsburgh, PA – stage AE/Main Floor (w/Hollywood Undead)Oct 5– Toronto, on – Phoenix Concert Theatre (w/Hollywood Undead)Oct 6– Montreal, QC – Metropolis (w/Hollywood Undead)Oct 8– Cleveland, five – home of Blues (w/Hollywood Undead)Oct 9– Columbus, five – Newport Music Hall/Indoor phase (w/Hollywood Undead)Oct 12– brand-new York, NY – Webster hall (w/Hollywood Undead)Oct 13– Boston, MA – residence of Blues (w/Hollywood Undead)Oct 14– silver Spring, MD – The Fillmore (w/Hollywood Undead)Oct 16– cool Rapids, MI – The Intersection (w/Hollywood Undead)Oct 17– eco-friendly Bay, WI – The Sandlot Entertainment facility (w/Hollywood Undead)Oct 18– Chicago, IL – residence of Blues (w/Hollywood Undead)Oct 20– Lawrence, KS – Granada theater (w/Hollywood Undead)Oct 21– Denver, CO – Summit Music room (w/Hollywood Undead)Oct 22– Salt Lake City, UT – In The to meet (w/Hollywood Undead)Oct 23– Orangevale, CA – The BoardwalkOct 24– Fresno, CA – Strummer’s