Hello there! Maybe this situation will pique your interest. Maybe it won"t. Let"s see!We are a FF couple, both 34 years of age, looking for an incredibly intelligent, intellectual man who is passionate about the built environment and place. One who loves the outdoors. And one who is open to the nuances in life. I am currently in a long-term committed relationship with a lesbian, butch woman who is one of the most brilliant people I know. We love to talk about energy sustainability, place, the future of cities, aesthetics, community, human interactions, housing renovations, and generally geek out and laugh. While I identify as "mostly heterosexual" or "heteroflexible", I am in totally in love with my current partner. And I might add that the sex is fabulous. We are seeking a man to join us in a three-way, committed relationship - a man who wants to have children, be an excellent father, dedicate themselves to their passions, practice self-reflection and healthy communication, is pursuing work that he loves, and wants to have a fulfilling, loving, and sexually naughty relationship with us. We currently own our home in Ithaca, NY and are quite interested in dating men from anywhere, with the hope of it leading to a long-term commitment, partnership, and family. About me:I am an immensely curious, extraordinarily articulate, brilliantly well-educated, always serious and always silly, smarty - pants. I am most interested in constructing a greater community that revolves around urban planning, sharing, compassion, and sustainability. I thrive on having a dialogue and creating a dialogue amongst different groups of people with a singular commonality.I love dogs and am probably unhealthily obsessed with my own. (and I just got a 2nd dog!) I am always up for a good roadtrip. I"ve crossed the country several times. And cozying in a tent is always a great reason to leave the city. Really, I am open minded, and open minded with how i spend my time. Maybe you could be, too.And I still haven"t lost the romantic notion of a great deep love.A former foodie turned vegan returned to foodie. The vegan lifestyle was a bit challenging and didn"t suit my vitamin and nutrient needs. I love dining out, trying new restaurants and food combinations, and am an avid follower of the James Beard Foundation. I don"t care if it"s a hole in the wall as long as it"s quality. I"m also a pretty decent cook, if I do say so myself, and get relatively experimental in the kitchen, oftentimes with excellent results. I tend to do things up pretty big.
I love 1) intimate friendships and personal connections2) aesthetic and comfortable personal spaces3) self - reflection4) striking visual experiences5) laughterMore to come about my partner...feel free to ask anything!

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CoupleLookForPlayMateNew member
How about your household join ours. We consist of my wife and I. She is bi and I love to be the Head of the Household.
M for FF triad
If you"re still looking, I"d love to chat.I"m a 34 yr. old M. I"m an avid hiker and a big nerd who reads a lot, who has been looking to form a triad with the right people. I lot to talk, laugh, and play, because I work really hard all day. I"m a professional, educated, and when I"m not working, I"m really laid back.PM me if you"re interested.Hope to talk to you soon!
You girls are beautiful.
I just saw your post and have to say that your offer sounds absolutely beautiful. You girls are beautiful and I hope it works out with whoever you find yourselves to be with.

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Hi a 51 year old Californian male. I read your post and it inspired me to think apon what it would mean to be in a committed relationship with two beautiful women, and have children. And I have to say it sounds rather intrigueing. And all to get her smart. I like the idea of being able to raise a child with two women. The support and group dinamics is a plus in today"s society. Plus I need a woman in my life let alone two, to keep me centered. If u like email me at dennisstjohnchristen