Our essential guide to finding the Cathedral of Blue, killing the Old Dragonslayer inside, and obtaining access to the Blue Sentinels covenant.

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The Cathedral of Blue location of Dark Souls 2 is a comparatively tiny component of the game, however as well as housing the Blue Sentinels covenant, it likewise consists of a pretty meaty boss fight. You"ll find the Cathedral of Blue nearby to Heide"s Tower of Flame, and you"ll be taking on the Old Dragonslayer boss the minute you action inside. Here"s how to finish the fight, and acquire access to Targray, leader of the Blue Sentinels.

How to kill Old Dragonslayer

There"s one massive weakness that melee personalities have the right to really exploit in this fight, and also that"s the left section of the boss"s body that"s exposed whenever he attacks. Have your shield at the prepared, simply circle about the boss in order to prevent his lunging assaults, and also leave yourself free to dart in and also dish out your very own damages. Just make sure you get amethod from the boss whenever before purple mist appears approximately him, as you"ll battle to block the incoming magical damages. You"ll also should evade the arcane missiles he fires from time to time.

It"s extremely tough to fight the Dragonslayer from selection, as he moves much too easily for you to maintain a perfect distance. If you play as a ranged course, you have to instead follow the melee strategy outlined above, and also ssuggest fire off your spells and also arrows from a close-up place.

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