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Alright, kick back, relax and let's hit that againWhile you go tell her mother, father, cousin or kinAnd your various other friends, that don't also have a clueWhat this two dude crew is about to doYou understand it ain't fools gold this is KryptoniteSuper MC's freeze once I struggle the mic rightE F F is mine A.K.AI save it popping choose bubble double you R A PAnd if girlfriend don't recognize by now, then listen up stupidCSWS pertained to do itGot an ext flavor 보다 you and your crew, kidSo obtain your hands with each other if you're prepared to shed it andBounce come the bounce to the breakneck beatAnd like junior an elderly said to move your feet yoYou lug the ruckus, I'll bring the refreshmentsAnd continue to be fresh to death like I'm choke on a breath mintI feel I can flyI'm top top six, seven, eight, cloud nineAnd ain't nothin gonna prevent meCause I'm just too mighty and also highCan't nobody gain me downUp and away, lemme get thatTouching ozone through no jetpackI'ma bag that bones complete of heliumLead foot top top the verse, equilibriumRaps a million, no one quotidienExtraordinaire, following heir come the throneLike a increasing son making climbing sumsUp and away v a million thumbsSo self-made you'd think ns was asexualFresh biggie lemme complete my victuals (bon appetit)Yeah time because that treats, much better get it rapid 'fore that melts in the heatI'm wrecking ~ above the mic I'm top top a mission come ruinYou wanna know how it's done? Then get to doin' together I'm doin'I'ma sally forth choose a stallion, raps komandantIn bolder font wordplay savant
I feel I can flyI'm ~ above six, seven, eight, cloud nineAnd ain't nothin gonna protect against meCause I'm simply too mighty and highCan't nobody acquire me downHey naysayers, how y'all been?It's to be a minute but I'm in it come winAnd ns ain't finished this is the starting gunAnd I'ma run it come the front till I'm number one sonThis is a rhythmic defibrillationInnovative old school to thrill the nationI been patiently waiting and building steamBut I'm ago with the bounce favor a trampoline, five pleaseI feeling it bubbling upIt's ten times bigger however it's never ever enoughYa gotta acquire up early or you'll miss the callSo let me show every one of y'all whats in my crystal ballI sized up the prize eye on the opportunityMy psychic on mine money and also my root in the communitySo get your beauty sleep imagination comaMy future's therefore bright I'm acquiring melanomaI feeling I deserve to flyI'm ~ above six, seven, eight, cloud nineAnd ain't nothin gonna protect against meCause I'm just too mighty and also high

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Fresh B., just how you feelin'?(David Eff, man, I'm ~ above top)I can't think they're hearin' thisFrom the rooftop of hip hopFresh Biggie, how you feelin'?(David Eff, man, I'm ~ above top)I can't believe they're feelin' thisFrom the rooftop of i know well hop(Can't nobody obtain me down)