Can youtubers I typical the YouTube channel owners have the right to see who favor their comments. As a YouTube user I’m can not to when I see notice like, someone liked your comment.

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can youtubers see who likes your videos??

can the youtubers watch who likes their videoscan youtubers see who likes your videoscan youtubers check out who likes their videos 2021can youtubers see who likes your videos 2022do the youtubers view who likes your videosdo youtubers view who likes their videossomeone preferred your commentsomeone chosen your comment youtubeyoutube comments

No, not also the youtubers can see who favor their comments. Being as among youtuber I’m saying, YouTube never disclosed that actually favored my videos which i upload.

Few asked questions like someone choose your talk about YouTube doesn’t show.

Check the reason from the above answer.



New youtubers likewise can’t see who actually chosen their videos or video. However they deserve to see whereby the likes and dislikes came from. For instance a youtuber can go come his YouTube studio ( open only in desktop computer computer not on app).

Once you open your YouTube analysis on her computer, funny video there will be likes and dislikes ratio. If friend tap on the the youtubers have the right to see whereby the likes and dislikes came from I median country. Or even if it is the likes that dislikes come from subscribers ~ above non subscribers. However YouTube won’t display who is the human being who actually preferred or dislike her video.

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