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Hello World! I’ve compiled a list of all the beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, black and also white tarot cards the I’ve had actually the satisfied of to run into! because that the modern new period tarot readers favor me, who have to be surrounding by beauty.

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 The 9 many Beautiful, Aesthetically Pleasing, Gorgeous, Whimsical Tarot Decks8 Must have Aesthetically Pleasing, Modern, Minimalist Tarot Decks




I personally, love to watch eye icons on mine tarot decks, ns feel the it help remind you to open your within psychic. The THE FOX TAROT deck has actually an eye in the facility of the back of the card! i love the forms that are integrated in the faces of the cards, sacred geometry is very aesthetically pleasing. A very contemporary deck and also ideal for minimalists!

2. Divina Tarot Deck

The Divina Tarot Deck is gorgeously simple and minimalistic. Ns wouldn’t introduce this together a very first tarot deck because there is not much symbolism to overview you come the meaning. ~ above the various other hand, if you’re competent this card provides nice imaginary.

3. The Efflorescent Tarot Deck: Black and White Card’s

The The Hermetic Tarot deck is extremely intense! In a great way that course. The symbolism and also attention to information in this deck do it my favorite on the list! The an ext information, and imagination put right into the arts of the card, the better! It’s difficult to believe you can do so lot with just two colors!

5. The Dark exact Tarot Deck 2nd Edition



The Dark exact Tarot Deck second Edition deck is greatly black through white imagery which makes it different from the arts on the other cards. A an extremely dark deck with an easy symbols and also beautiful use of space. The icons on this deck space a bit advanced for beginners, yet if you’re proficient you’ll find the astrological and symbolic images impressive! “The Dark precise Tarot represents the personalities of the significant Arcana together plants, animals, objects, and alchemical symbols instead of the traditional human figures, giving the leader a possibility to explore much more personal associations and also links to each card’s content.”- Dark specific Creator

6. Wanderer’s Tarot


This deck deserve to be bought together a black Deck through White Lettering OR a White Deck with Black Lettering! “The Wanderer’s Tarot deck is a hand attracted 78 map deck, based upon traditional Tarot symbolism, and also transmuted by feminine insight and also awakening. ” i love the feminine personalities included in this deck. The cards are impressively unique in their imagery. Additionally included in a white background!

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