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Spray paint foam jack-o-lanterns and stack them to produce a Halloween Topiary. Add lights and you have actually a super cute and also festive way to welcome guests to your home!

Stacked Pumpkin Topiary DIY

This is just one of my all-time favorite Halloween jobs so I assumed I would certainly share it aobtain. I am excited to put this up at our new residence. You could recognize that I simply adore Halloween decor. So once among the obstacles this month from Lowes was Curb Appeal. I thought it would be SO fun to make somepoint Halloween-ish for the front porch at the #1905Cottage. And since the decor over tright here is mainly yellow, I believed keeping the Halloween design template to basically black and white would be perfect.

So I headed over to Lowes. And I uncovered their Halloween area. They had actually a HUGE bin of lighted pumpkins with various scary faces, and also it made me think of making a Halloween topiary.

You view, I made another Halloween topiary a couple of years back and also it obtained damaged in my backyard shed, so I have been definition to make one more for quite some time.

Here’s how I made this easy Halloween project:

DIY Jack-o-Lantern Topiary:

Stacked Pumpkin Topiary DIY


Halloween lighted pumpkins. I supplied 5.

A 1″ in circumference hardwood dowel

A pot


Spray Repaint (I used babsence and also white)


Exanxiety Cord


I spray painted 3 of the pumpkins white and also the other 2 babsence. But initially I PRIMED them.

I also spray painted the dowel black

Then I drilled 1″ holes in the pumpkins. I wanted each one to be tilted to each side, alternating. So I marked the spot with an sharpie and also drilled.

Then I planted soil and also flowers in the pot and also put the dowel in the middle.

I alternated the pumpkins, white, babsence, white, babsence, white black. On the last pumpkin I didn’t put the second hold through the height, so the dowel rests versus the inside of the peak pumpkins. I hope that provides sense lol.

Then I threaded the lights dvery own via the back of the pumpkins and also plugged them right into the extension cord. I recorded the cords along with electrical tape so they wouldn’s show as much.

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Light it up at night

And below is the Babsence and also White Pumpkin Topiary at night. I simply love it!!

Materials for this write-up were provided by Lowe’s; yet, the task and content are all mine. See my disclosures.