Ring Size: * Choose alternatives US 3.5 united state 3.75 united state 4 us 4.25 united state 4.50 united state 4.75 us 5 us 5.25 us 5.50 united state 5.75 united state 6 us 6.25 us 6.50 united state 6.75 united state 7 us 7.25 united state 7.50 united state 7.75 united state 8 us 8.25 united state 8.50 us 8.75 us 9 us 9.25 us 9.5



HERE IS HANDMADE BEAUTIFUL ENGAGEMENT RINGFancy Red & black color Diamonds !!14 Karat black GoldVintage layout Black polish Ring !!All next Antique Vintage format Engraving v Miligrain !!!2 next Heart style Ring !!Center Red Diamond Is 0.51 Carat !!Very Sweet Dark Red shade Diamond !!CenterShape - RoundCut - really GoodColor - RedClarity - SI1Carat - 0.51 ctMeasurement - 4.85mmSide 14 AAA black color Diamonds 0.20 CaratDeep black Color and Clean Diamonds!!!Full Pave collection With Miligrain !!Total 0.71 Carat !!!Available matching Diamond Band also !!Ring size Is 6 totally free Sizing accessible !!RETAIL PRICE IS over $3600.00 !!!COMES through $2700.00 CERTIFIED APPRAISAL !!


Why you must buy native Garo CelikThank you for taking the time to view my shop! All items are painstakingly handcrafted by me in ~ my shop; situated right in ~ the heart of the new York City diamond district. The unrivaled jewelry designs i fashion room the product of over two decades of experience; which i earned alongside the world"s many prestigious jewelry makers starting when i was twelve years old. When it involves my craft, ns am cursed to use only hand-selected diamonds and also high top quality fine metals; to lug them along with uncompromised fist to every detail, from the optimal place of each diamond in ~ the item to the symmetry and consistency of its patterns.

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notwithstanding the superior quality of my jewel items, I likewise manage to make them person who is abnormal affordable; it is in assured that you will certainly not find this uncommon mix of value and price everywhere else be it the internet or a retail store. as soon as you purchase one of my items, you have the right to be assured the the jewelry has actually been scrupulous crafted, extensively inspected and proudly authorized by somebody that believes absolute perfection is the only way to handmade jewelry by hand that will last because that generations come come.

About Diamonds

"MAKE her LIFE COLORFUL..........!!!"

One of the concerns I"m asked consistently is even if it is the blue facility diamonds featured in few of my items space authentic. The quick answer is and emphatic YES. All of my diamonds room 100% organic mined diamonds. Nevertheless, naturally emerging coloration is very rare through intense blue being among the rarest arrays as the is the instance with the world-renown "heart the the sea" diamond featured in the movie TITANIC. As result of their very rare nature, herbal blue diamonds have the right to fetch end ONE MILLION DOLLARS (USD 1,000,000.00) per 1.00 CARAT at auction! Notwithstanding, an innovation offers a less expensive alternative means to turn herbal diamonds come the beautiful blue shade that youin mine items. This coloration process is not just avant-garde and complicated but is likewise GUARANTEED TO be PERMANENT.

Shipping Complimentary, totally free insured shipping is accessible to the U.S., Canada and also all-around-the-world to PAYPAL confirmed addresses (only). However, please keep in mind that if your country imposes added tariffs, practice fees, duties, taxes or any other charge/s come the value of the shipment, the the person who lives (you) will be responsible come comply with the regulations of her country and also pay because that those fees. Take a minute to identify whether your nation charges extr fees because that the right to income jewelry and diamonds indigenous the U.S.
Return plan I insurance your complete satisfaction through a 14 day money-back return policy which starts the job you receive the item. If you wish to make a return, you re welcome return the item come my service address. Items must be went back in the same exact condition as transport with initial packaging and also Cert appraisal.
PaymentsI gladly expropriate the adhering to forms of payment:PAYPALCREDIT CARDSMONEY ORDERPERSONAL CHECKS(Please permit 5 come 7 service days for all an individual checks to clear)

Special OrdersDREAM it ... I"LL make IT!!! unique ORDERS WELCOME.

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Ok I get it; you want what girlfriend want and also don"t want to it is in constrained through the constraints of premade jewelry but well placed together it might be. Perhaps you just want to readjust the diamonds or gold shade of an present item; perhaps you desire platinum instead of gold, or 14K instead of 18K. Congratulations, now is your day! all of my items have the right to be customized to enhance your wishes. How around me producing your own, distinctive jewelry piece "from scratch" based just on your theme or vision? whether you desire me to handmade a jewelry item you experienced in a dream or re-create an endeared item friend no much longer have, you are in the best place and also I am the ideal craftsman because that the job. Let"s talk! tell me her ideas; ns am constantly enthusiastic about creating unique jewelry items. I assure you that the outcomes of my skilled hands implementing her own style will finish in a breathtaking, one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

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