If you have actually been adhering to our blog then you more than likely know by now that we love babsence and also gold. So this day, we are releasing yet another collection of black gold geometric trends that you can download for totally free. Babsence and gold is such an elegant shade combicountry. It is therefore renowned for businesses, for luxurious products and also services such as hotels and formal occasions.

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Tbelow are 20 different patterns in this set, mostly featuring geometric shapes– circles, triangles, polygons, zigzags, and also herringbone. All the patterns are high resolution and seammuch less, which suggests they seamlessly to fill any amount of area.

Aside from using these patterns for printed graphic designs, they are likewise good as background for blogs and also websites. Or perhaps as a background pattern for a internet advertisement.

Below is a preview reflecting some of the babsence gold geometric patterns in this collection.



Tright here are 20 black gold geometric fads in this set. They tile seamlessly hence you can area it anywhere–whether small and significant spaces! These are perfect as backgrounds for your web and print style tasks.

What‘s included in the downpack pack:

– 20 trends included in a solitary Photoshop PAT file.

– Sorry, no digital records in JPEG this time.

Below is another ptestimonial of the vintage damask pattern backgrounds in square thumbnails:




Note: If you like these fads, then you could likewise be interested in our totally free set of animal hair textures in black and gold patterns.

What you deserve to perform with these black and gold geometric patterns:

-Use seammuch less patterns as a background for websites, blogs, social media pperiods, etc.

-For mockups and branding functions such as product packaging and also promotional items

-Create organization cards, stationery, birthday party invites, give thanks to you cards, and so much more!

-Please limit use for personal jobs only

TERMS OF USE:You may usage these babsence gold geometric patterns for individual tasks only. Also, we appreciate a attach back if you usage them. Most importantly, please refrain from making them available for downpack exterior of this website. If you desire various other world to know about our freebies, please refer them to this short article.

IMPORTANT!The downfill file is password-protected to prevent hotlinking and also discourage people from violating terms of usage of our sources. When triggered for a password, simply key in “afd”.

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Below, are 12 samples of the actual trends. These are not seamless, so carry out not just copy them and also use in your architecture. Use the switch above to downpack the form of file that you desire.